"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" ~ C. S. Lewis

Monday, April 19, 2010

Polaris, Peoples and Prizes!


My sister and I are on the verge of becoming full-fledged geeks.

At least it feels that way. We have just purchased our tickets for the Polaris Convention in Toronto!

AND we started planning and shopping for our costumes for the cosplay. I love the fact that I know how to sew. I will not reveal Naomi's costume (in case she wants to post about it) but I am thinking I would like to do Delenn from Babylon 5. Something Lost would be cool, too, but I don't feel like rocking the Dharma jumpsuit.

We are both super excited about it. And Nikki Stafford is going to be there, too (which is how we actually found out about it) and it is going to be the bestest sister time!


You all are awesomesauce, just wanted to let you know that :)

I received a couple of awards a while ago and I haven't been hoarding them, just trying to find a place to stick them.

I got this one from Anne @ Piedmont Writer ... aww... thanks :) This one's been sitting around since Easter and I feel terrible for hanging onto it for so long *blushes*

I don't think I'm supposed to do anything but pass it on, so here goes:
Some Superior Scribblers you should check out are

Blabbin Grammy - her posts are a trip down her memory lane - entertaining and full of heart and humor. I discovered her through the A-Z challenge and I'm so glad I did :)

Lindsey at Dangerous With a Pen - She's off the webs for the moment, but I feel like she's a soul sister and her posts are always worth reading

Creepy Query Girl - whose name and post of a fake query letter won me over immediately *blog love*

Then I got this one from Hannah @ Musings of a Palindrome and I would just like to say how extremely embarrassed I am at how long it took me to realize WHY she calls herself Palindrome. *blushes again* AND Hannah is going to be having a Birthday celebration contest, but you have to become a stalker, I mean follower, before May 1st.

And for this one I don't think I have to do anything but pass it on as well.
So some particularly awesomesauce-y people you should check out are

Readerly Person @ Elephants on Trapezes (seriously, don't you LOVE that name!) because her WIP is called the Voldemort Project and she just did a post on why we should have Owl Appreciation Day :)

Mia @ My Literary Jam and Toast - who left a hysterical post on my contest and apologizes for time away with adorable pictures of kittehs.

Simon C. Larter @ Constant Revisions consistently and hilariously entertains me.

I love you all *giant group hug* but I cannot link anymore because it is late and I must rise semi-early. So don't feel left out if I missed you. I still love you :) (in a completely non-creepy-blog-stalkerish way)

And just two more points of interest.

1. My sister, Naomi, is hosting her first contest and she is giving away homemade (yes, HOMEMADE) pillows and stickers and other awesomesauce stuff and you should go check out her blog Writing: A Soul's Way of Breathing because you will enjoy yourself. And that's a money back guarantee I'm offering right there!

2. You still have time to enter my contest! Click on the cute owl pic at the top of the blog to jump right there. You don't even have to do anything by follow and comment (unless you want extra chances and then you can, but you don't HAVE to.)

And that is it for today. Happy "P" day!


Creepy Query Girl said...

I checked in to tell you you've got award on my blog and saw that you had bestowith me a blogging prize as well! LOL Great minds! :) Congrats and thanks for thinking of me!

Rae said...

I just love the word awsomesaucey! Great visiting with you!

Wanda said...

Hope you two enjoy yourselves and congrats on all the awards.

Palindrome said...

ooooh, thanks for the contest shoutout! I approve. And yes, you should be ashamed you didn't know notice the Palindrome Connection (that sounds like an old 70s game show). *shaking head with sympathy shame* And I'm off!


SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

@Creepy Query Girl: Another Award? I will come check it out!

@Rae: Yup, I just make up words when I can't think of a good one. Thanks for stopping by :)

@Wanda: Thanks! I'm sure we will.

@Palindrome: Yeah! Now I can put a P. Drome approved stamp on my blog. Bye!

Mia said...

OMG! I can't believe I missed the group hug whilst I was away studying *calls along blogging hallway* COME BACK EVERYBODY!

Ok, so I'll have to just pay attention and wait for the next group hug. Sorry :~(

Thank you for the award! Your so kind and I hope this means my Kitty apology was accepted?

Bad poetry makes for good reading I guess ;~) I loved the one you left on my post. It brightened my day!

Readerly Person said...

My first award! Jumps up and down excitedly! Yay! Thanks much - I'm going to devote a whole post to it quite soon. :)

- Rebecca

Simon C. Larter said...

Ooh! Awesomesauce award! I loves me some blog awards, and I loves me some awesomesauce. Put the two together? Epicness of the first order.

Thanks, good lady! And I've now remedied the fact that I wasn't following your blog. Minor oversight, that. :)