"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" ~ C. S. Lewis

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ostentatiously Odd

I am running out of ideas.

Okay, not really, but I admit that some of these days are starting to grow difficult to come up with things - or difficult to find time to do something of substance. Thank you all for sticking with me through the, um, fluff that I sometimes spew. :)


Today, at work, I was talking about my "N" post with my boss (whom we affectionately call "El Jefe" and LemanieSunshine ( a new follower to my blog and a newbie to the blogger world because I talk about it ad nauseum.)


So I was saying that I didn't know what to do for "O". So they start throwing random things out. Eventually the conversation (after customer interruptions, I mean, needs and other business stuff (stupid work getting in the way of socialization!)) (I can't believe I just did a parentheses inside a parentheses.) so the conversation got on to other things. I mentioned the hilarious owl poems people have been leaving me including the one that incorporated David Bowie. Except my mouth wasn't working and I pronounced it like buoy instead of Bowie. Lemanie had to correct me since she is obsessed with him. I assured her I knew the right way to pronounce it.

Then I grinned and said, "David Buoy is the one that floats out in the ocean to warn ships."

And THAT started us off on a kick of these stupid jokes.

They were so randomly odd, I decided I would use my friends, once again, as a cop out for me actually writing something. :P

Here are our contributions:

What do you call a guy that lays on the porch?


What do you call a guy that hangs on the wall?


What do you call a girl with one leg longer than the other?


What do you call a guy floating in a pool?


What do you call a guy in a pile of leaves?


What do you call a girl with one leg?


Don't you wish you worked with people like that?

So, do you have any stupid "what do you call..." jokes? (Keep them clean :)


KarenG said...

This was an awesomely funny LOL post, even with the lame (sorry Peg, no offense) Boy's Life jokes :) Your work environment sounds like a lot of fun. Do you work at the Office?

lemaniesunshine said...

David Bouy is essential to life.

Tempo said...

What do you call a fly with no wings?
A walk.

Why was the scientists head all wet?
caz, he had a brain storm.

Christina Farley said...

You are brave to go through the alphabet! I'm not so good with jokes though. I'll leave that to you!

Lisa and Laura said...

I can't remember having that much fun at work!

Talli Roland said...

I second the other comments: I never remember work being so much fun!

Thanks for the laugh. Happy Sunday!

Jemi Fraser said...

Those jokes always make me smile :)

Teebore said...

My personal favorite "bad" joke is "two guys walk into a bar. The third guy ducks."


Patricia Stoltey said...

I never remember jokes. But these were pretty entertaining. Throwing out the topic question to your readers or on Facebook is a good idea.

I'm getting ready to write "Q" now, and I have no idea what it's going to be. Talk about a challenge -- this A to Z idea has been great.

Palindrome said...

Two flies were arguing on a toilet seat, one got pissed off.

Jen said...

I would love to work with the fun crazy peeps you work with! Instead I sit around bitter over-compaining women and then a bunch of guys who love to talk about video games... Eeek!!! Writing is a getaway plan for me!

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

@KarenG: Oh heavens NO! I think I would not be long for this world if I worked at The Office :)

@LemanieSunshine: hahahaha

@Tempo: *snort* I have to remember that scientist one

@Christina: The alphabet challenge has definitely been that - a challenge, but overall it's been a lot of fun and I've met a lot of supercool people :)

@Lisa and Laura: We do have a good time at my job. I will miss it when I leave (even if it does drive me crazy a lot of the time)

@Talli: glad to oblige :)

@Jemi: They are ridiculous :)

@Teebore: Wow, that took me a minute. *slow on the uptake*

@Patricia: It really has been, hasn't it? Ooh. I'm excited for Q now.

@Palindrome: ummmm....

@Jen: aw, so sad. It's no fun to work with boring people :( Good thing you have writing to give you an escape :)

Rae said...

thank you for the morning smile!
Two pretzels were walking down a dark street.
One was a salted.