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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Bookish Resolutions: March Progress

1. Read 200 books in 2015:
Still moving happily along. 56 books putting me at 28%. Still ahead for the year and with a few books right on the edge of being finished.

2. Read 12 non-fiction books in 2015:
I squeaked in on this one, listening to Tina Fey's Bossypants during a long car ride since I realized I hadn't even started reading one this month. That puts me at 5 so far, so still ahead of the game, but my goal is really to read at least 1 non-fiction book a month, so I'm still on target for that.

3. Clear out my Currently Reading GoodReads shelf:
I cleared one more out - Hope Leslie, an old school read I'd never finished. That leaves me with 3.5 (one of them is sort of actually currently reading, sort of just hanging out there). Still, nice progress with plenty of time left in the year.

4. Read at least 2 print books I already own each month, with an eye toward weeding:
This resolution continues to be my downfall. I did read Thursdays with the Crown by Jessica Day George, but I also knew I was not going to be getting rid of it. I squeaked in Dangerous by Shannon Hale (another keeper) with six minutes left in the month. But both of those titles were on my to read list and I do own them. I'm going to try some sort of alphabetical thing like with my e-books because that is helping me rock the goal.

5. Read at least 1 eBook I already own each month:
I honestly think by just working through alphabetically by title, I'm not worried about which book I should read next or figuring out what I'm in the mood for. I just click on the next title. I've enjoyed some of them a lot. Others have made me roll my eyes. But there are less books I own that I haven't read, so that's a good thing. This month I read Hope Leslie by Catharine Maria Sedgwick, 1/2986by Annelie Wendeberg, Also Known As by Robin Benway, Altdorf: A Novel of the Forest Knights by J. K. Swift,  Anathema by Megg Jensen, A Bride in the Bargain by Deeanne Gist, Andy McBean and the War of the Worlds by Dale Kutzera, and Angel in the Shadows by Lisa Grace so 8 books. Pretty impressive. And it also makes me feel better about the print goal, because this is where a lot of time went.

And there you have it. Any resolutions you've kept up with or are struggling with?