"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" ~ C. S. Lewis

Friday, April 9, 2010

Hip Hip Hooray!

This is now my official "I'm Excited, Let's Part-ay" picture!

I had SO much fun with my last contest I decided that as soon as I hit a mile stone with my followers I would have another one... I meant to do it at 50, but then, here I am - suddenly at 59! and amazed at all the wonderful people I've had a chance to meet.

Maybe it sounds like I'm gushing about this all the time, but you guys have no idea how incredibly blessed I am that you read (and then COMMENT on :D) what I put out there. I know I have been lacking in the reciprocal reading and commenting, but I warned you at "A" that April would be spotty for me. I am here and I do check in whenever I have a chance, I promise!

Anyhoo - that was a long intro to what will be a much more exciting topic... CONTEST PRIZES!

In celebration of all my wondermous (as opposed to WonderMouse) Not-So-Creepy-Stalkers, I am giving away not 1...

Not 2...

But 3! That's right 3! fantabulous gift packages!

If you are one of the lucky winners you will receive...

(drumroll please)

1 of these crazy venticular bookmarks!
Because everyone needs more bookmarks and these move when you turn them back and forth and because [honestly] they were on sale.

1 of these adorable pop up notepads! Sweet Muffins!
I know I am ALWAYS running out of note pad paper and these were just too cute to pass up.

1 copy of this book
Because everyone needs a good laugh every now and again and this book is funny without going crass, which is rare in humor books. And because I love supporting a guy who can only draw stickmen, but managed to get his art published. Oh what we will buy :)


1 of these sweet little owl triplets!
Meet the grey owl. He can be a bit sensitive about his pointy head, but his sherbet colored tummy feathers make him happy.

Here's his brother, the brown and purple owl. His beak looks a bit like a duck's bill, but he thinks it gives him character.

The only girl of the batch, the green owl is shy, but very cuddly and would love to be a part of your family.

Don't you just want to take them all home?!

So, here's the deal

1. Be a Not-So-Creepy-Stalker (aka follower) of my blog - you have to show up in the follow list, not just follow via Reader or whatever, because I like to see the people that are stalking me. And this way I can stalk you! (Already a Stalker as of April 9 +2/ New Stalkers after April 9 +1)

2. Leave a comment on this post. Right down below, after I finish with everything here. Aren't you excited! (However if you leave a comment to the effect of "I hate owls and stickmen cause me to have nightmares" I will assume you don't want your name entered :P) (+1)

3. In your comment tell me your preferred order of owls - It won't guarantee that you'll get your favorite color, but if you particularly like one I'd like to try to pair you up with it if you win. If it doesn't matter, let me know that too :)

SO if you are a Stalker and leave a comment you get 2 or 3 entries! Sweet Muffins, wasn't that easy?! (btw these are required to enter the contest. Just to clarify)

But you want more chances to get your hands on one of those owls you say? Never fear, bonus points are here!

4. Bonus points for extra entries go like so:
a. Mention this in a blog post and link it here in the comments somewhere. If you want to leave a comment for your first entry and then linky-dink once you've done your post, go for it. (+1)
b. Post the contest on your sidebar and leave a linky-dink in the comments so I know. (+1)
c. Write me an owl poem and leave it in the comments. A haiku, a limerick, a sonnet, two rhyming lines, whatever. Let your creativity run wild! (+2)
d. For extra special cool points, be a follower of one of my sister's blogs, because she is awesomesauce and I think you'll like what you find over there. She can be seen dancing with a vacuum at Slumpvis Musings or muttering in Akkadian, Greek and Elvish at Writing: A Soul's Way of Breathing. (+2)

Which gives EVERYBODY a chance to get 6 more entries! (go ahead, do a happy dance, I won't tell :)

5. Finally, please add up your points for me in your comment so I don't lose my mind anymore than I already have :)

The contest will end on Thursday, April 22nd at 12pm EST so I have time to pick the winners and post it before I have to go to work that day :D

Have fun!

(And I know I am getting this up late, but today was crazy and I started it while it was still Friday, so it totally counts!)


Shelley Sly said...

Hi! What a fun contest you have going on here! The owls are adorable, especially the "girl" owl. I had no idea you and AchingHope were sisters... I was already a follower of both of you. :) Hope you have a good weekend!

AchingHope said...

Oh my goodness. It is no surprise that you have so many followers. You are high-larious. I love your explanations under each owl. I think they will 'mysteriously' disappear.

Again, I am assuming I cannot enter this contest, but later I will most def write an owl poem thing.

Jenn said...

Amigarumi Owls…
I must have one!
Amigarumi Owls…
so much fun!

Amigarumi Owls…
made by Miss. Sonshine.
Amiaruimi Owls…
One of them must be mine!


Let's see...it seems so mean to rate the owls, doesn't it? LOL...
But, you told me too, so I am going for it. 2, 1, and 3.

But each of them has their own unique charm:)

What an awesome contest you're doing Sonshine! Your blog is awesome—always amusing and light-hearted, and often hilarious! Keep it up!

Already a long-time stalker = +2
Leave a comment = +1
Write a poem = +2
Link on my blog to this contest = +1 (Link to follow at some point this weekend!), will comment back as soon as it's done!)

So, put me down for 6 (!) entries! Wow! Here's hoping I can soon start my own little owl brood, a la Joan Crawford:)

Jemi Fraser said...

Awesome contest! I love the owls and the stick figure book! So much fun :)

old stalker 2
comment 1

That's it - my computer's in repairs (scary!!!)and I'm on short time with my daughter's at the moment :)


Most enjoyable post. enjoy your Sunday


Falen said...

HAHAHAHA! YES! Contests with owls!
also those notepads are ADORABLE!

7 entries for me (because i follow all of you thompson sisters (unless you have a few more i don't know about...)

and because i will write you a poem about owls.

But before that, here's my owls in order of preference -

green (OMG I WANT HER SO BAD) grey and then brown (though they are all adorable)


I'd like me an owl
to represent as mascot
my great writing group

Lola Sharp said...

Hi! LOVE those owls. Did you make them? So cute.

Okay, in order of love: girl owl (want her!), purple owl, grey owl

comment here-1
link on my sidebar-1

Girl owl of cuteness
likes to look at all the boys
on the other tree

Lola Sharp said...

Oh, oops...for a total of 5 pts. (sorry)

Palindrome said...

Put me down for FOUR!! Owls that is!!

Gillian Whitfield said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alyson said...

Fun contest!

Owl preferences: Girl, Grey, Brown

Owl Poem:
With your big round eyes
and distinctive hoot,
critters say their goodbyes
and begin to scoot.

(you didn't say it had to be a good poem!)

Old follower: 2
Comment: 1
Poem: 2
Sister follower:2

Total: 7

Dangerous With a Pen said...

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I knew if I prayed hard enough to the god of owls that more would rain down from the heavens. See? Your owls got me out of bloggy hiding! I'm sooo glad you left me that comment! More chances for owly love!

Ahem, seeing as I taught my first graders how to write haiku today, I shall regale you with an owlish one:

The coolest owl is
David Bowie in Labyrinth.

(hmm... is owl one syllable or two? Like "owl" or "ow-l"? For haiku sake it is one.)

Ok, must add:
Old crochety stalker - +2
Comment - +1
Blog post/link - +1
Sidebar - +1
Owl haiku that rocks Davie Bowie - priceless, but ok - +2
Sistah stalkah - +2

Post and sidebar here at my happy home: http://dangerouswithapen.blogspot.com/

I have no owly preference, my home is open to any and all willing adorable handmade owls!

Woot! Hoot!
Lindsey :)

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Oh crud, forgot to add entries. Don't kill me. ;)

Total = 9

(+800... cause... I want them) :)

Summer said...

Gosh, you're another one of those that I was *sure* I was following, and turns out I wasn't. I'm going to invent the Swiss Cheese Brain Award and give it to myself.

Anywayz... Congratulations!

New Follower: 1
Comment: 1
Blog post: 1
Sidebar: 1
Sister Stalker: 2
Owl poem: 2

Owl, owl, soaring high
In the inky, pitch-black sky
Whose immortal hand or eye
Could frame thy fearful symmetry?

Hey, you didn't say it had to be original! :-)

Total: 9

Owl preferences:

Jenn said...

Hi Sonshine. My blog post about your contest is up now. Sorry it took so long:)

Readerly Person said...

LOVE this contest! The owls are the best!

1. New Follower +1
2. Comment +1
3. First grey, then green, then brown/purple.
4a. Will do, and comment back. +1
4b. Sidebar @ http://elephantsontrapezes.blogspot.com +1
4c. Poem: +2
"Owls stay out late at night
so they can read when the moon is bright
and laugh at literary fights,
then dream of fire-fly lit lights."
4d. Following Writing: etc. +2

Total: 8! (7 until the blog post, which is coming soon.)

Jackee said...

So very cute! I love them all, no preference.

Thanks for the cute contest and good luck to every one.

FIVE points for me!

Readerly Person said...

I'm back, with my post link: http://elephantsontrapezes.blogspot.com/2010/04/owl-appreciation-day.html

8 entries for me!

- Rebecca

Mia said...

*waves* Hi there, I'm your newest stalker! Enjoy it while you can, I'm awesome at stalking people :P *unpacks binoculars, sets up tripod and opens hamper basket* Jam sandwich? (+1)

Commenting away :~D (+1)

I would prefer the lovely shy little darling that is the Green Owl because I can see us having oh-so-many adventures together but LOVE them all :~)

Ok, it's all set up as a side-bar linky on my blog. I hope it's ok that I used a picture from the post? Check it out and slap my wrists if it's not :~) http://literaryjamandtoast.blogspot.com/ (+1)

And now, I hope you enjoy this little ditty. It's very pre-schoolesk, but that's probably maybe what I was going for... *whistles* (+2)

Oh Grey and Fluffy friend.
You stole my aching heart
I'll be here 'til the end
And then we'll pick some flowers

I'll watch you fly above
And hope you don't attack
My head is full of love
And thinks your name is Dave

OMG I'm now your sister's weirdest stalker too! How did I miss these blogs?! (+2)

So, total points = 7 And I am too excited about the prospect of an owl making its way to me! Squeeee!! :~D

sarahjayne smythe said...

Great contest. I love the owls. :)

Follower +2
Comment +1
Blog post +1
Sidebar +1
Follower of Writing: A Soul's Way of Breathing +2

Total +7

Teebore said...

Let's see...already a stalker +2

Owl Order: makes no nevermind to me; I just want one! +1

Owl poem +2

While a robotic
Bubo would be a great owl,
yours would be better.

Following your sister's blogs +2

For a grand total of 7 points.

Brown-Eyed Girl said...

Green owl
Purple owl
Grey owl - OW OW! ;)


Leaving a comment +2 or +3
Mention in blog post +1
My owl poetry above +2

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I can't believe I almost missed this! Phew! That was close.

+2 already a follower
+1 comment
+1 sidebar
+2 Follower of Writing: A Soul's Way of Breathing
I like the green owl, but would be delighted with any of them
+ 2:
I could win an owl
my girl would be so happy
she loves them so much

= 8

Alexandra Crocodile said...

What a fun contest! I'm only sorry I saw it so late - I suppose there's not much point in doing a blog post about it or posting it in my sidebar when you're ending it tomorrow.

So I'm only getting 2 sorry points; new follower + comment. I know, pathetic. But I do so long for the grey owl with the pointy head. I fell in love with hin the instant I saw him:)

Lola Sharp said...

Oh, I know I've long ago commented with my 5 point total...but I forgot to add the points for following your sister..which brings me to 7 points.


I'm praying to be an owl mommy.