"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" ~ C. S. Lewis

My WIPs... or is it WsIP?

So, I'm pretty much a spaz when it comes to writing, but here are my most-worked on projects:


YA Fantasy

Evva finds herself tragically alone in a society where you are defined by your Pair. As she struggles to find her new place she also finds herself discovering a new and rather terrifying ability. All she wants is for life to return to normal but as the people she loves keep dying around her, Evva has to figure out who she is and what she needs to do before it's too late.

Progress: This is my 2012 NaNo novel and one of the most cohesive rough drafts I've ever produced. Working on my first round of revisions as I try to establish character and story arcs and take care of massive plot holes.


YA Fantasy

Layla and Moira just wanted to take a fun, relaxing backpacking trip before they headed off to college. But when a sudden storm drives them into a seemingly abandoned castle, they have no clue that it is actually the home of a proud prince named Tavares. Oh, and there's that minor fact that he's a vampire and has a horde of zombie servants. Of course they never would have discovered any of this if Moira had been able to resist kiwi for once in her life. Now the two best friends are caught up in the castle enchantment and a really old feud between Tavares, Erandell (the snarky vampire-faerie that turned him), and Frufereia (Tavares' possessive, cranky, and excessively pink fairy godmother). So, instead of stopping at cafes, eating local food, and enjoying the countryside, Layla has to worry about Moira getting eaten by the castle, an invasion of belligerent gnomes, and the growing interest of the Faerie King. Plus, there are the massive headaches she gets whenever she sees magic, which, by the way is completely impossible. So much for a normal summer vacation.

Progress: I finished the (VERY) rough draft during NaNo 2011 and worked on some revisions, but I am missing something and can't figure out what, so I've shelved it for the time being.

Unexpected Miracles

Christian Historical Fiction

Travis hasn't seen his mother for years, but pride and duty drive him to the little western town when he finds out she is dying. He has no love for her chosen life or her husband, but soon discovers there may be something of interest in the town. Kristy's naivete intrigues him, but Sylvia's more experienced company is far less dangerous. Either way it's all simply a game until everything goes awry and he finds himself running away. But he can't outrun his past and he can't outrun the hand of a God that seems determined to intrude on his well ordered life.

Progress: 1st draft finished - major rewrite needed - hiding in the bowels of my computer waving at me from time to time.

Quoren and the Mystery of the Missing Princes (okay, so the title pretty much stinks, but it's better than ... um, that Quoren story)

Middle Grade Fantasy

Quoren is the youngest of five sons and never thought he'd have to worry about inheriting the crown. Then suddenly he's thirteen, his father is on his death bed and his four older brothers have all mysteriously vanished without a trace. He's sure that his uncle is behind everything, but there is no proof - that is until the poor girl Corrina falls into his life with an important message that will change everything.

Progress: I started writing this when I was 12 years old. The plot has changed A LOT over the years, but I keep coming back to it. Plus, Naomi will destroy me if I never finish it. I have most of it planned out, but feeling rough at the end. About 1 chapter in to the real first draft. I just decided to add trolls, which solves major plot issues. heh.

Sins of the Fathers (There are too many books out there with similar titles, but it'll work for the moment)


After the tragic death of her parents and beloved sister, Elana is finally putting the pieces of her life back together. Of course, being pursued by not one, but two adorable men is certainly helping to distract her. Then the rash of deaths begins and Elana knows almost all of the victims. Not only that, they all are being killed in the same bizarre way and it's beginning to look like her sister didn't die in the car accident like they had thought. Her attention torn between the boyishly charming Alex and the sweetly understanding Bryce, Elana starts to question everything. But one thing is becoming more and more clear - she's the next victim on the killer's list.

Progress: This was my first NaNo Novel. I love the characters so much, but then one of them had to go and throw a curveball at me that made me so angry I locked it in a closet until they could learn to behave. Now I realize the story will be a million times better with this twist and I'm working up the courage to start the rough draft again. *sigh* I'm not even half done with the first draft.

Twice Upon a Narrator

Children's Theatre

Jarvis simply wanted to tell the fairy tale, but the queen hired Gloria as a replacement narrator without firing him and now nothing seems to be going right. The fairy tale twists around in so many directions he can hardly tell where he is or where the plot is supposed to be going. Gloria can't stand his staid and, to her mind, extremely boring demeanor and thinks it's great fun to throw in pirates, Martians, dead parents and any other fun things she can think up to liven the dead as a doornail plot. But if they can't manage to work together the fairy tale isn't going to have much of a happy ending.

Progress: This is my Script Frenzy project that I really want to finish so I don't have one more half-done WIP floating around. It's over half way finished and I absolutely love it. I've posted a few snippets of it in the past.

JewelPearlOnyxTopaz, Emerald and other titles to come

Christian Dystopian

This is the series of novellas my sister and I are co-writing under the pseudonym, Reyna MacNicol.

When the United States' economy collapsed, the country fell into chaos. Food was scarce and war ravaged the country until six men stepped in to form The Services - an authoritarian governing body that took control of most aspects of the citizens lives. Christians were driven into hiding, their message being considered divisive and subversive. So they went underground and began to call themselves "Jewels" based on a passage of scripture in the book of Jeremiah.
Into this world a handful of young men and women have to learn the truth about what it means to believe - what is worth living and dying for - how far each of them must go to protect and restore the Truth.

Progress: We're rethinking pretty much everything before we attack the revisions. This is one we'll probably work on once we no longer live in the same house. We might work better with a little distance. Right now we're working on world building and continuity issues before we can go much further.