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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Retail Wednesday Once Again

Hi all!

I had a loverly weekend at Polaris! Oh my werd, but it was fantastic! I would definitely recommend it to any sci-fi/fantasy fan. They had something for everyone. You will be hearing more about the weekend from me later, but for now it's time for....


But first, an open letter:

Dear public,

I understand that you wish to smell nice. I understand that you may have spent a bit of money on that fragrance. Or perhaps it is a gift from someone special.

However, the rest of us did not have a say in that fragrance. We did not buy it or receive it as a gift. Perhaps we do not particularly care for that fragrance.

If our eyes water when we come within twenty feet of you, because of the strength of the fragrance, you may have applied it with a bit too liberal a hand. When our breathing is constricted and we must keep from inhaling when you are around, you may be wearing just a tad too much.

Respectfully yours,
everyone else

hehehe :) You can buy this shirt here


A woman approached me to ask for a book.

"It's like witch-y but romance-y. It's fiction. It has this big yellow/creamy cover. It has like more than one story in it. It was really thick. A few months ago I saw it on display over there (gestures in a broad circle to half the store) where there was the thing like this (makes a vague motion with her hands). So what section would that book be in?"
Just follow the arrows, lady. Everything will be clear ...


A teenage girl came up to me and asked where the books on spiders would be. I showed her to the section and found a book for her. She flipped through it, shuddering. "Spiders are ugly!" she exclaimed.
I asked if she needed anything else.
"No," she said. "I guess I'll just go with Black Widow." She shoved the book back on the shelf and dashed away.

ummm... go with Black Widow for WHAT?!

And that's all for today!

Check back for my Blogfest of Death entry, pics and videos from our grand Polaris adventure, and don't forget the Super Sister Celebration in August! Woohoo!


Falen (Sarah) said...

the shirt's great, but where can i order the guy?

aLmYbNeNr said...

LOVE the shirt! First award - how do you respond to that sort of, you know, *gestures wildly*, thing?
Second award - I can only hope she's not out to get someone...hmmm.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Hahahahaha! Love the awards and the pictures to accompany them. You should write for Hallmark. I wish I knew why that girl needed the Black Widow. Too funny.

Lola Sharp said...

He he he!! You cracks me up.

I likes the shirt, and I'm with Sarah, I LOVES the man IN the shirt. ;)

Happy Humpday!

RosieC said...

Great T-shirt. There's a woman I have to see almost every day who marinates. Yick!

Horrible(y funny) stories! *laugh and cringe*

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

@Sarah: *snort* honestly, I never noticed :D

@aLmYbNeNr: I was kinda hoping spider girl was writing a novel, NOT trying to Off someone...

@Carolina: Thanks! I have fun finding the pics :)

@Lola: You and Sarah can fight over him :P And glad to give you a laugh!

@RosieC: Glad you enjoyed yourself. They are horrible(y) funny!

Raquel Byrnes said...

Love that cat picture...how sweet! Also the vague request award. Too funny!

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Oddly enough, I rarely wear perfume outside of the house. I adore Channel No 5, but like to put it on before bed. It's my comfort smell...

Thanks for sropping by my blog and putting a link to Jackee's and my bog party fun! I'll go check your entry on the form and make sure you got an extra entry. :)

AchingHope said...

Haha... Wow. People are ridiculous

@Falen/Lola: Weird. I was just thinking how weird looking his torso was.

Blam said...

The guy does have nice shoulders, but I'm with AH: His torso tapers oddly to my eyes. I also find the slogan funny but not actually T-shirt material. How great would it be if that was the Old Spice dude, though?

Just follow the arrows, lady. Everything will be clear ...

I understand those signs completely. Is something wrong with me?

Wait... Let me rephrase: Is something wrong with me because I understand those signs?

I thought I had an explanation for Spider-Girl (not Hannah/Palindrome/Wheeeeeeeeee!, the one in your store), but the more I think about it the less sense it makes. My initial reaction was that she wanted a costume, and saw that spiders were ugly so she'd dress up as The Black Widow from Iron Man (and Avengers, etc., but she probably only knows the movie, not the comic books — actually, I'm not even sure they called her Black Widow in the movie, but they did in the merchandising and press materials) instead of, like, Spider-Man. Except that then she'd be asking for books about Spider-Man, not spiders, and would incidentally have found out that there are both a Spider-Girl and a Spider-Woman (more than one, in fact), and not just Black Widow, amongst Marvel's arachnid adventurers. So now I figure she has to come up with a spider-based costume or something either for a party or a school science project and doesn't like what she saw in the book you led her to, but that doesn't really compute either because, after all, black widows are spiders. The only answer that's making sense is that the cosmos decided you needed another weird Retail Wednesday story.

One of my cats can do and has done exactly that kind of perching on top of a door, by the way. She can also balance on the back of a chair and chase her tail without falling off. And she likes to perch on my shoulder sometimes, although we have yet to carry the act to its logical conclusion of dressing me up like a pirate and her as a parrot.

VW: jellycan — ... Oh, I could get in so much trouble with this one.