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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Contests by the BILLIONS!

Okay, maybe not BILLIONS, but there are a TON of really amazing contests out there, so here's some linkage!

Liz at Cleverly Inked just had a GREAT vacation and she brought back goodies for US! Enter for this great STRAND BOOKSTORE giveaway!

The Undercover Booklover is giving away 5 different ARCs PLUS packs of 5 gum to match each of the books! What a great idea! You've got until the 15th to enter so get yourselves over there NOW!

Anna Staniszewski is getting PUBLISHED! And she's celebrating by giving away funny MG fiction! How sweet is that! It goes until July 23rd, so get yourself over there to enter!

Abby Annis is celebrating 200 FOLLOWERS! (yeah!) with some fantastic books and only the coolest pens EVER! I want them so stay away from her BLOG :) that's going through the 31st :D

Mia Hayson is holding her promised contest with some of the coolest prizes evar! I know the zombies, so I've got it pretty much sewn up, but you can go enter if you really want to. :P You have until July 30th and I can't wait to make my vlog for it! mwa hahahahaha!

Red House Books is having a BLOGOVERSARY CONTEST with OMW the best books you can think of and it's going on until July 31st too. PLUS for every 25 new followers she will add ANOTHER prize (like she just added a preorder of MOCKINGJAY!) Holy cow!

Courtney, the Southern Princess herself, is giving away a To Kill a Mockingbird prize pack and she's just like the sweetest person ever, so you should go over there AND please tell her that I sent you! That one ends July 28th.

Kimberly Franklin is giving away AUTOGRAPHED and PERSONALIZED copies of The Body Finder! Sweet Muffins! It ends August 11th, so scurry over and enter!

And of COURSE my BEA BONANZA is still going on!
You've got until tomorrow night to enter for the GIRL STUFF pack!
Until Monday night to enter for the FANTASY FUN pack!
Until Tuesday night to enter for the TEENAGE ANGST pack!
Until Wednesday night to enter for the MIDDLE GRADE MARVELS pack!
And Until Thursday night to enter for the FANTASY PLUS! pack!
Follow, comment and you've still got a chance to get extra points by blogging or sidebar linkage :D

All right, I think that's all of them for now so scurry away and win yourself some BOOKS!


JW said...

Thank you for this listing. You're very generous!

Mia said...

Ok, so firstly hehehehehe yea. I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE VLOG EITHER! Thank you very much for putting me there, that TOTES gets you more entries *nods*

Also, these listings are fantastic. I will away and looks at them!


(I may have mentioned this before but it greatly pleases me) ZOMG I HAVE MY OWN TAG??? THAT'S SO COOL!!

GMR said...

Fantabulous listing of contest goodness here....thank you so much for spotlighting them! ^_^