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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

BEA Bonanza Day 2 WINNER!

Aren't you excited!? Waiting to see which of you lucky people gets to take home the Fantasy Fun package!? I know I am!

First I just want to thank you all for your enthusiasm and visiting me every day and commenting and tweeting and posting and blogging and all of that stuff! This was such a blast and I wish I could do giveaways like this all the time because it's just SO much fun!

In August Naomi and I are going to be having a Super Sister Celebration contest that may include flash fiction, owls and pillows among other super cool prizes. We both have birthdays in August and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the love with you guys?! (If you don't follow Naomi, you totally should go check out her blog. She will make you laugh every time. I promise!)

So the prizes for this one were:

  • A fantastic BEA totebag! (this one's from The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno and it's quite spacious!
  • The Saga of Larten Crepsley: Birth of a Killer by Darren Shan (the prequel to the Cirque du Freak series.)
  • Cirque Du Freak STICKERS (I will have to cut the sheet up to fit it in the parcel, but you will get all of them, I promise)
  • Alien Invasion & Other Inconveniences by Brian Yansky
  • Nightshade City by Hilary Wagner
  • Bookmarks!

And the winner (chosen with Random.org because I don't have time to get all creative with 5 giveaways in one week) IS (drumroll please!)

Shannon O'Donnell!


So if you can e-mail me your address I will be happy to get this package in the mail for you :D My contact information is on my profile.

You still have time to enter Days 3-5, just pop over and comment on each post you want to enter! And you still have time to earn bonus points for sidebar linkage or blog postering, just let me know if you did! Then come back each day this week to see if you've WON!


Palindrome said...

BLAST!! Foiled again!

Jen said...

Go Shannon!!!! Maybe I'll get lucky one of these days coming hope *crossing fingers*

Jemi Fraser said...

Woohoo for Shannon! :)

Falen (Sarah) said...

aww this was the one i super really wanted!
But congrats to Shannon since she is one cool lady

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Yippee!! I REALLY wanted to win this particular prize package - Nightshade City, come to mama!! Ha ha.

Thank you so much, Rebecca!!! I'll be e-mailing shortly. :-)

Tahereh said...

YAY congrats to SHANNON!!


Kaitlyn (Kaitlyn in Bookland) said...

Congrats! I am so jealous of these winners---crossing my fingers for the other days :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...


I'm having trouble e-mailing you for some reason. Could you e-mail me? My address is:

mrso_d at yahoo dot com

Thanks bunches!! :-)

GMR said...

Congratulations! *throws confetti* ^_^

Hilary Wagner ~ Debut Author said...


I hope you love my book! So glad you won such a great contest!

xoxo -- Hilary