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Thursday, July 8, 2010

BEA Bonanza Giveaway DAY 4!

As you all know I went to BEA back in May and had a blast!

So now it's time to continue spreading the love and the ARCs

What?! You didn't enter to win the GIRL STUFF, the FANTASY FUN or the TEENAGE ANGST packs yet? Well, what are you waiting for? An invitation? Okay, here you go -

You are invited to enter all 5 days of the BEA BONANZA!

You've got until Sunday night to enter for the GIRL STUFF pack

Until Monday night to enter for the FANTASY FUN pack

And until Tuesday night to enter for the TEENAGE ANGST pack

All right, enough shameless self-promotion.

The RULES (I know, I know, BORING, but a necessary evil...)

1. In order to enter you must be a follower and leave a comment on the day that you want to be entered in. (this is all you have to do to enter, but of course I'll give you a chance to earn some extra points :)

2. You can enter ALL 5 days!

3. For extra bonus points you can:
a. BLOG about it! You only have to blog ONCE, but it will give you an extra entry into each day that you comment - so if you blog on Wednesday and comment on Monday, Tuesday and Friday you'll get an extra entry for all 3 of those days even though you only blogged once (get it? OK!) Oh, yeah, and let me know in the comments on one of these 5 days.

b. Put a linky on your sidebar! (same rules as a. Extra entry for each day you comment) Also leave me a comment on one of the five days.

c. Tweet! (or Facebook link if you don't have Twitter) This one you get an extra entry for each day that you Tweet it. So if you enter on Tuesday, then you would Tweet/Facebook on Tuesday, even if you Tweeted on Monday for Monday's. If you enter all 5 days, then for maximum points you would Tweet/Facebook all 5 days... make sense? Include @SonshineMusic and let me know in the comments if you did it!

4. The contest will run for a full week. So you have until Sunday night (the 10th) to enter Monday's contest. Then till Monday night (the 11th) for Tuesday's, Tuesday night (the 12th) for yesterday's, Wednesday night (the 13th) for today's etc. And I will announce the winner of Monday's on Monday, Tuesday's on Tuesday, etc.

Easy Peasy, right?!

Oh, I guess you want to know about the PRIZES for today!

Day 4: Middle Grade Marvels :)

  • A fantastic BEA totebag! This one's from jostens.
  • Octavia Boone's Big Questions About Life, the Universe, and Everything by Rebecca Rupp
  • Zora and Me by Victoria Bond & T. R. Simon
  • White Crane by Sandy Fussell
  • Bookmarks!
  • Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid postcard!
These books ROCKSOCKS! Just sayin'

Non-spoilery mini reviews coming right up!

A sweet book that looks at the big questions of life, faith, belief and family.

Octavia and her best friend, Andrew, decide to come up with a list of their biggest questions. Andrew wants to know if there's life in outer space and why time goes forward instead of backward. Although Olivia likes his questions she has some bigger ones. Like why bad things happen and if there really is a god? She asks her parents and her next door neighbors, but everyone seems as confused as she is. Then her mom starts going to this new church and she drags Olivia along with her. Everyone there seems so sure that they have the answers, but Olivia doesn't agree. So she makes a plan. For her science experiment she'll prove to her mother that God doesn't exist and that will fix everything, right? Could it be that some of these questions are just too big for one person to find the answer to?

Zora and Me by Victoria Bond & T. R. Simon

A fictional biography? Something like that. A fun book based on the early life and short stories of Zora Neale Hurston and endorsed by the Zora Neale Hurston Trust.

Zora is Carrie's best friend and she's got an imagination a mile long. She always believes what she says and always swears she's telling the truth. Carrie believes her, so when Zora tells the tale of how she saw a neighbor with the head of a gator, she, Carrie and their friend Teddy are worried about how to deal with it. Then there's a terrible murder and the story gets more complicated. Will they be able to work out the truth of what is going on or will the entire community start coming apart?

White Crane by Sandy Fussell

This is another one of those books I almost didn't want to give up. It's such a great book and I'm looking forward to the sequels (at least I'm assuming there are sequels).

Niya is a samurai kid learning under the great sensei Ki-Yaga. He and a group of other kids make up the Cockroach Ryu, but there's something different about them. Niya only has one leg, Kyoko is an albino girl with extra fingers and toes, Mikko only has one arm, Yoshi won't fight at all and Taji is blind. They're the kids no other samurai school wants and the Ryu that always gets made fun of by the rest of the schools. They've never even had a chance to win the Samurai Training Games and it really doesn't look like this year will be any different. But as they form friendships and build trust Niya begins to realize that together they may be more powerful than anyone could guess.

There you have it! Come back tomorrow for the last day of the contest!


Jen said...

I saw your shout out over at Carol's Prints and glad I did because I love giveaways!!!

Consider yourself pegged on my sidebar! I now officially follow you and I'm excited to see what other great stories I can possibly get my hands on!!


Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Love it!! They look awesome, all of them. Super giveaway! How cool you got to go to BEA. I hope to be able to go next year.

Falen said...

yay for MG books! Where were all these cool books when i was a kid?

Readerly Person said...

MG MG! Ever since Origami Yoda, I've been on an MG craving... Glad to know these are thrown in!

Here's a tweet: http://twitter.com/ReaderlyPerson/status/18045347678

- Rebecca

PS: This giveaway is just awesome. Thanks!

Palindrome said...

I'm in it to win it!!

Julie Musil said...

Love this contest! I found your blog over at Cynthia Reese, and I'm glad I did.

Patricia Stoltey said...

Hi Rebecca, thanks for cluing me in about your ARC giveaways. I'll insert the links into my post for tomorrow.

Jenn said...

I love that the Jostens bag is with the middle grade marvels. It so takes me back to the good ol' days—before I was old enough to have a job! Mwah hahahahah

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I'm back from camping and I'm catching up on the week's contest entries. You know I've had a post/link up all week, here is my new comment, and I facebooked this post! :-)

Tessa Conte said...

hehe consider me commented, I've tweeted, and I'm gonna post, too...

Cass said...

These books look like great reads. Also, I really want that postcard!!! :D