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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Vacation Rocks!

Hello all my blogger lovelies!

Oh goodness, I'm just having too much fun here at the OBX (that's Outer Banks for the uninitiated) and I had to just share some of the highlights with you.

On Friday I left work around 3, stopped at Sam's Club to buy milk and then drove about 6 hours down to our friend's house in VA where my Dad met me. We slept a few hours and then left my car there and jumped in his truck to make the rest of the trip to NC. As we're driving along - coming towards Richmond Dad asks me if I bought juice at Sam's Club too..... um, no, I wasn't told to. So we pick up the GPS. Turns out Sam's Club is considered a "point of interest" on our GPS. We meander through the suburbs of Richmond, following the friendly lady's voice until we get there. This gives us a nice time to stretch our legs and buy fresh strawberries....mmmmmm..... :D

Then we drove a lot more and got kinda loopy from Dr. Pepper (only the greatest drink ever invented by man) and when we were sorta almost there we stopped at a fruit stand to buy nectarines!

But they were out of nectarines, so we bought a few peaches, but not before I took this giggle-inducing picture.
Those are some strange looking cantaloupe!

Finally, eventually we arrived at our rental "cottage"
They call it a cottage, but this thing is huge.

Relaxed that day until my other sister, Rae, and brother-in-law, Pete, made it with Titus, their cutest puppy evAR!
Isn't he?!

We've wandered on the beach, gone miniature golfing

(At Jurassic Putt!)
and just lounged around reading and sleeping.

There's a hammock right outside my room and I love sitting out there and reading. *sigh*

here's Titus in the hammock.

Sunday night we saw a commercial for IHOP with cream cheesy filling so we decided to make our own. This was the result we had for breakfast Monday morning....
Are you hungry yet?

Today it was pelting rain, but still so nice. It stopped in the afternoon and we decided to build a sandcastle. It's a vacationly tradition. We've done some pretty sweet castles and towns over the years. Last year Naomi and I were hooking the parents on Lost and our sand castle turned into a whole Lost themed thing. If you want to see pictures you can go to the post here.

This year Dad decided to go another direction.
Here's what we did!
See that metal ring? Yup - we built a StarGate!

Why yes, we are huge SciFi geeks, why do you ask?

And then Pete decided to build a Sphinx.
Pretty sweet, huh?

As we're standing there, thousands of seagulls start circling overhead. We're trying to figure out why when we see that some wonderfully idiotic people are standing on their deck holding out food and trying to get the birds to eat out of their hands.

So Naomi and I start coming up with a story - about where they're from (somewhere without seagulls) and why they're so excited to feed the birds and how stupid it is, because um... after you feed seagulls, they poop. Fact of life.

Then I joke that they're from West Virginia (sorry, I spent over half my life in Northern VA where we had WV jokes instead of redneck jokes) But Naomi says that if they were from WV they'd be shooting the birds not feeding them. We decide that is why they're feeding the birds, to draw them in so their husbands can run out with the shotguns. Then we laugh about how we're such writers, finding stories in everything.

Then I wondered if one of them is looking down and making up stories about us. Naomi says, "They're probably looking at us and saying 'look at those cool people. We should write a story about their...awesomeness'" and then we burst out laughing.

Ah... good times.

And to make up for that horribly random story, I give you some beachy pictures:

And I think I am going to do a mini Retail Wednesday post tomorrow - just to let ya know :)


aLmYbNeNr said...


Jemi Fraser said...

That is an adorable dog.

And people who feed seagulls are nuts! Only tourists do it around here as well.

I love the beach scenes - would love to be there!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Ohhhhh, the whole vacation sounds heavenly!!! Hope you are having a ball and enjoying the beach and family time! :D

zz said...

Okay, that strawberry pancake stack looks amazing and I love that you have your milk in a wine glass - classy :)

Talli Roland said...

Sigh! Glorious photos! Love the strawberries. I may have to buy some today now!

Rae said...

Oh! It looks like paradise! I hope you are getting to relax and enjoy! The sand art was awesome...and so is your sister's name! :)

Palindrome said...

That looks like such fun! I need a real vacation soon. And send me some-a those pancakes!!

vw: dewy

maybe all those haters of the word moist can use this one instead.

AchingHope said...



Good times. Good strawberries.

VW: augshers, shearing iplements to de-shear aughs

Mia said...

Um, this comment may be REALLY long. Sorry, I got excited. So...

THE MORE I READ THE MORE CERTAIN I BECAME THAT WE ARE IN ACTUAL FACT SOULMATES *coughs* I mean, uh, nice pictures you got there... *whistles*

So pardon me but the first picture was of strawberrries and that helpfully reminded me that I'm all out of jam *sniffles* (please send more) but also made me think "WOW, good trip so far" and also "YAY, now I can match tweets with photos" (yeah, I'm sad like that).

And then we moved onto peaches and I was slightly disappointed I didn't get to see them but it's ok because the next photo made up for it in that it made me giggle and we were still on food *thumbs up*

And then I scroll down and I get to see the miniature golf (again, I'm definitely not matching tweets with photos... *whistles*) which I ONLY LOVE!!!

*ahem* The next pictures made me really want a hammock and pancakes which isn't OMG amazing but I am the QUEEN OF TMI in this *prods box* particular comment thing so I thought I'd say.

THEN YOU MADE A STARGATE SANDCASTLE! I think we all know I'm a geek at heart so this WAS so cool.

And then I don't remember what happened because I FAINTED.


Erin said...

Dearest Rebecca,
You are HILARIOUS. I loved this post. Sounds like an awesome vacation, and reminds me of my sister and I- we like to make up amusing stories and laugh at our own wittiness...
Your pancakes look amazing. Did you have any "cantaloupe" with them?
You'll be home in time for LOST on Sunday night, right?!
love Erin (and Owly)

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

@aLmYbNeNr: You should have seen our breakfast from the day before - we call it "Daddy's Breakfast" and it involved waffles, ice cream, chocolate sauce, strawberries, whipped cream... oh! And chocolate chips.

@Jeni: He is the sweetest thing ever. Tourists are crazy. We've been here so often I totally don't feel like a tourist anymore.

@Lindsey: I am!

@zz: We always drink out of wine glasses and margarita glasses (don't do alcohol, so what better to drink your milk/juice/soda out of?)

@Talli: Glad you liked the pics and strawberries! mmmmm

@Rae: Thanks! Unfortunately it's not her real name, but a pseudonym I give her because she is not in the blog world and I'm trying to retain at least some privacy for her :)

@Palindrome: The pancakes are in the mail!


hahahahahaha! How is it we never met before? I have no idea.

@Erin: aw, you're too kind! I will be home in time for Lost! It's IMPORTANT. LIKE END OF THE UNIVERSE IMPORTANT. Say hi to Owly for me!

aLmYbNeNr said...

AH Rebecca! I finally have the post up about my trip that involves Sage (cute, shy, green, she-owl), who I won from you!! It's here!

Erin said...

Hello there lovely Rebecca!
Just wanted to let you know my postcard arrived yesterday and I've brought it straight to work to add to my postcard wall. Thank you! Tell AchingHope I said hi right back, won't ya?

By the way, love that it's a postcard of lighthouses. Can you guess who I thought of right away? (sigh, I'm sad... why must LOST be over???)

Blam said...

Yes! What a fitting pair: Nectarines and Dr. Pepper, the carbonated nectar of the gods. Actually, I'm not sure they go so well together, but they're both awesome.

Miniature golf is pretty much the greatest activity ever invented, and I haven't been in ages. Reading and sleeping are also good. Nice vacation!

Having lived in a seashore-resort town as a child year-round and then most summers up through college, I can attest to the inexplicable urge people get to feed seagulls. When you have a boardwalk filled with pizza and french-fry joints, it becomes a total madhouse; the seagulls in Wildwood were so brazen that one actually swooped down and snatched a fry straight from my hand once while I was just strolling along.

VW: immanor — What the folks who got rich from inventing instant messaging call their estate.