"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" ~ C. S. Lewis

Friday, May 7, 2010

Awards and Tagging!

I recently was the recipient of the Prolific Blogger Award. Creepy Query Girl was kind enough to pass this on to me :0) Yeah!

I have been so out of touch with all ya'll's blogs that I feel like a terrible person. Here's to catching up soon and I'm just going to touch on a couple of my favorite blogger people :)

Hannah at Musings of a Palindrome. She's doing this retrospective for her birthday month that is just SO much fun.

Mia at My Literary Jam and Toast. Seriously, I feel like I have known her FOREVER instead of a couple weeks.

Sarah at Falen Formulates Fiction writes about so many thought-provoking topics. I always enjoy my jaunts over there.

Lindsey at Dangerous With a Pen always makes me smile (and I think she lives kinda close to me, too....)

Patricia Stoltey's blog I discovered during the A-Z challenge and she always has something interesting to say.

Oh there are just so many of you that I love to visit! But I'm running out of time so I have to hurry on to the next little section.

Oh, and somebody else recently tagged me with an award, but for the life of me I can't remember who, so if it was you, just leave me a comment and I will come collect and pass it on *hangs head in shame*

Ruby at Blabbin' Grammy (another amazing blog you should follow) tagged me with the following challenge - to answer 5 questions 5 times. So here goes!

1) Where were you five years ago?
a- just finishing up my junior year of college.
b- working at Eckerd Drug Store (blah)
c- writing the first draft of my novel Unexpected Miracles
d- writing e-mails back and forth to Naomi (Pickle Juice forever!)
e- getting to know my future brother-in-law

2) Where would you like to be five years from now?
a- finishing up my doctorate in English.
b- publishing a novel
c- engaged or married
d- in the process of adoption (if the 2nd half of c has happened)
e- where God wants me to be

3) What is (was) on your list to do today? (well I'm writing this Thursday so it will post Friday, so I'm going to talk about Friday's list :)
a- write this blog post
b- travel to the city with Naomi to get to meet Nikki face to face! (SQUEE!)
c- make a peanut butter sandwich
d- not get lost on the train to the city
e- make it home safely

4) What five snacks do you enjoy?
a- chocolate and peanut butter melted together with a tiny spoon of ice cream on top
b- oranges or tangerines or clementines (clementines are my FAVORITE!)
c- triscuits crips with mozarella string cheese
d- frozen green grapes
e- sweet and salty peanut butter granola bars

5) What would you do if you were a billionaire?
a- invest the money wisely
b- pay off my, my sister's and my dad's school bills all the way through
c- buy my parents a house at the Outer Banks
d- give a sizable anonymous gift to our church
e- buy the Selesian School so Naomi can turn it into a performing arts center where we can put on our plays and celebrate other local talent.

So there you have it!
I tag... Naomi, Jenn (haha! you have to write another blog post!), Erin, Creepy Query Girl, Raquel, Joan Crawford, Mary McDonald, LemanieSunshine and anyone else who wants to take this one, because I would seriously like to read more about all of you.

Eep! I'm going to be late for work! tata!


Kristie Cook said...

Thanks for all the links. More blogs to check out and follow. And melted chocolate and peanut butter with a dollop of ice cream...I see the beginnings of a great friendship. LOL Heck, if all we have are chocolate chips and peanut butter in the house, my muse and I are happy. :)

Have fun in the city and yes, please get home safely.

Ver-word: Sives Def: That's "saves" in Southern-speak, of course! "He always sives the day!"

Melissa J. Cunningham said...

Hey there! Thanks for coming by my blog! I thought I'd take a gander at yours too. I think I'll be coming back! Don't you just love this blog world? You meet so many great people and make so many new wonderful friends!

Amy Allgeyer Cook said...

I haven't heard about Eckerd Drug in YEARS! They don't have them out here in the west. It was great learning more about you!! :)

Mia said...

*jumps up and down* OMG! Thank yooouuu! *fist bump* We're like X


I totally would yoink the 5 questions thing but...um... 5 years ago I was thirteen and had not a care in the known Universe (other than..yah know... the whole Wesley Crusher thing and OhDearME! Why do I always admit embarassing things in this comment box?? (I think this is proof that I feel like I've known you forver too)) Although, on the other hand, I certainly have 5 snacks I can talk about so hmmmm *strokes chin*

Happy friday!

Teebore said...

I'm so jealous you get to meet Nikki...

Jemi Fraser said...

Congrats on the award and the tag :) Great answers - love the performing arts center idea!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Congrats, Sonshine! I love this tag - it's such a fun one.

Have a great weekend! :-)

Jenn said...

Rebecca, I make no promises, BUT…

I have been musing upon a topic that I have wanted to post on. So look for that soon:)

In addition, I will so answer the 5 questions 5 times! You betcha! So look for that one soon too!

Thanks for always pushing me, in the best way possible, to keep blogging:)

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

@Kristie: Yeah for chocolate chips and peanut butter! Best thing.

@Melissa: I just love meeting all of you people. It's just about the coolest thing ever!

@Amy: Yup, Eckerd actually doesn't exist anymore. They sold out to Rite Aid shortly after I left the company. I like to think they couldn't survive without me ;P

@Mia: You should totally do the 5 questions. Totally. So when can I come visit? ;)

@Teebore: I so wish you could have come!

@Jemi: Yeah, Naomi is dying to do that and I wish we could :)

@Shannon: I look forward to reading your 5 answers!

@Jenn: no problem - as long as I'm not being a pest - oh! And I posted a snippet of that dystopian novel the other day - under blogfests - I know you had said you wanted to read some of it. :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

Jenn said...

You are never a pest! Don't be silly! :P

Talli Roland said...

Congrats on the awards! And I love clementines, too!

Palindrome said...

I feel so famous! THANKS!!