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Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Little Lost Fun


All right, I know I promised a bunch of stuff the other day and I haven't delivered on ANY of it, but I swear that I will be posting my BEA thoughts AND the contest AND the book review soon. Craziness ate me last week and I have Grad school orientation Tuesday and Wednesday and then work on Thursday through Saturday and THEN Saturday night we got tickets to go see one of my all time FAVORITE comedians, Tim Hawkins. He is HI-LA-RI-OUS! And I am super super excited.

If you have never heard of him you HAVE to watch these videos. I love ALL of his stuff, but here's two of the best..

So, anyways - I've got a doozy of a Retail Wednesday post for you, but I don't know if I'll have a chance to get much else this week. I will try, try, try to get the BEA post done, and HOPEFULLY the book review.

I'm looking back over this and realizing that Mia and Tahereh have been seriously influencing me.

Okay, anyways.

One of the things I promised was a little hilarity that ensued at our house when Naomi, her friend Emdy and I were watching the finale of Lost

(just sayin')

We didn't talk over anything, but we made quite a few comments and they amused me, so I thought they might amuse some of you...

When the guy shows up with Christian's casket, Desmond asks if he can just take it around to the back.
Naomi yells, "We have to go back!!!!!!!!"

Bernard and Rose appeared on screen. I groaned. "eww... the Berneard"
Seriously. People complained about the Jeard (Jack's Beard) but, Bernard's is just horrendous!

When Sun and Jin remember they're just looking at each other and smiling.
Emdy says, "I wouldn't just be smiling, I'd be like... 'Dude! The Island!' 'I Know!'"

When Hurley says to Jack, "I believe in you." ALL I CAN THINK IS ... Clap your hands if you believe in Jack!

When someone at some point was eating a mango - or maybe it just came up randomly during a commercial... anyways, Naomi says, "How can they eat a mango without having juice running all over everything."
Emdy: I know! They eat mangoes like sexy people. No matter who you are you eat mangoes like you're five years old. 'Look, I didn't get any on my designer clothes that I happen to have on this Island that fit me perfectly and accentuate my best features.
Me: that I randomly pulled out of someone else's suitcase.

Right? srsly... it's ridiculous!

When Richard tries to calmly talk to ... I think it was Claire, all I could think about was this video:

When Charlotte leaned over Charlie to wake him up, we all groaned in unison and Emdy cried, "What the hay bale is SHE doing here!?"
(I've totally stolen that expression btw)

I think it was when Claire stepped out of the jungle to stop the group at the plane - I said, "well, that's not good." which was immediately followed by Sawyer saying, "Well, that ain't good." Which caused all three of us to collapse into laughter. What can I say? We're easily amused.

When Jack opened the coffin and it was empty, I hollered, "All right, where's the baseball bat?" I couldn't help it!

When Christian made his little speech that Jack was real, they all were real, everything he's experienced is real - this started playing in my head - If you're real and you know it clap your hands, if you're real and you know it clap your hands, If you're real and you know it, then the visions surely show it, if you're real and you know it clap your hands!

Okay, so you now know we are complete crazy cakes. Sooooo..... I shall leave you with this amazingly HILARIOUS video. (Trust me, it's the greatest)(You'll probably have to replay it. I think Naomi and I watched it approximately 14 times in a row)(not really, but I totally could, it's that good)


Jemi Fraser said...

This is a crazy busy time for me as well - I doubt I'll get a post up this week :)

I haven't watched the Lost finale yet so I had to skip that part of the post!

Mia said...



All of those thoughts are valid and also funny. And those videos are very funny!

Thanksies for the wonderful post, you totally cheered me up today :)