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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Things I Get Made Fun of for Liking

I had so much fun with my other list I decided to do another one :)

So now I have to decide, should I ease you into this, waiting until the end to throw the really crazy stuff at you, or shock you in the first moment so everything else seems less weird. Of course, depending on who you are the shock value may increase or decrease. So I think I'll just do them randomly.

1. Taylor Swift - along with a lot of other country music that I randomly started liking in the last year or so. I like the new "pop" country, not the old twangy country, but I like a variety of artists. The only country artist I don't get made fun of for liking is Rascal Flatts because they are all kinds of awesomesauce. But I love Taylor Swift's music and her music videos are wonderful.

2. The Twilight Saga - Yes, I like the Twilight books. I actually discovered them before they became a national phenomenon. They are great for what they are: brain candy. I am not saying Stephenie Meyer is the next Charlotte Bronte or something, but she is a good writer. I like her adult novel The Host a little bit better, but I've read them all, watched the movies and even have a "team". (That would be Team Jacob, by the way) I was one of the people in charge of the Breaking Dawn release party at the bookstore I work at and it was loads of fun. I learned way too much trivia, had fun dressing up and got earplugs to block out the teeny bopper screaming, but it was a blast.

3. Shia LaBeouf -

I liked him back when he was in Even Stevens, but it was the movie "Tru Confessions" that made me absolutely love him.

His acting in that was heartbreaking and I watch it whenever I am in the need for a good cry, which brings me to ...

4. Crying - yes, I love a good cry. There are times when you are just all overwhelmed by life and you are upset, but you don't know why or you feel emotional for no reason whatsoever (really. No reason at all) and you just need a good cry. I have a couple of movies and a couple of books that I can always turn to to give me a "reason" to have that cry. It makes me feel better.

5. Musicals - I love most musicals. I own a ton of soundtracks and I know tons of songs by heart. Some of my favorites include Thoroughly Modern Millie, Once Upon a Mattress, A Year With Frog and Toad, You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, The Music Man, Fiddler on the Roof, Beauty and the Beast - I could go on and on. But my favorite of all time that my sister and I got to see live in London was the musical version of The Lord of the Rings. It was the most amazing thing. The music was spectacular, the sets were mind-blowing, the costuming beyond imagination. Here are a couple of pictures from it.

I am DYING for them to bring it to Broadway. I would sell my first born child to go see it again. Okay, maybe not. But I would ..... do something .... drastic.

6/7. Hannah Montana/ High School Musical - I figured I'd lump these two together. I like the Hannah Montana show. I find it funny and I love Billy Ray Cyrus. I have seen all 3 High School Musicals and own 2 of them (though I do admit I only own them because they were mad cheap on sale) and actually just watched the 3rd one for the first time today. I'm just a giant kid at heart, what can I say?

8. Brendan Fraser - I know he is not everyone's favorite actor and somehow I always manage to like the ones everyone ridicules. Mainly I loved him in the Mummy movies, but I am just a big fan. I am dying to go see "Extraordinary Measures." I mean, come on! Brendan Fraser AND Harrison Ford in the same movie?! How can it not be good!? (Don't answer that question.)

9. Writing Research Papers - Yes, I love writing papers. I cannot stand reading non-fiction, normally. If you saw my list of books for the year, that was abundantly clear. But if I am doing research, that is another matter all together. Then it's exciting and interesting and fascinating and I'm actually getting really excited about grad school because I'll be able to write papers again!

10. Lost - Shocking, I know. Actually, for this one most people just ignore me, but I have been surprised by the anti-Lost sentiment that I've seen heading into this season. Of course, that has nothing to do with the fact that I've spent the last 8 months rewatching every single episode, talking about theories, Facebooking, Twittering and Blogging about it as well as indoctrinating several co-workers. Pshhh. That can't be it. Come on people! This is the best television out there right now and those of you who don't get it are the ones missing out! :)

I'm sure there are other things people make fun of me for liking. After all I am a self-proclaimed and proud geek. But these are the ones that came most readily to mind.


Joan Crawford said...

I LOVE your new layout! It looks so good! Very fresh :)

I love crying too! People (men especially) are so weird about crying: I was watching a show the other day and of course pretending it was me (and let's bring it back to me says the megalomaniac) and crying - and loving it! My husband walks in the room and doesn't say anything (he is used to this stuff by now) and then is like "So...are we still going out this afternoon?" and I instantly stop crying and say "Yeah, I am so excited!" and am back to normal. He just shakes his head and says "I don't understand you." He used to panic in the beginning, he didn't know what the hell to make of it - I cry like twice a week and he cries like...well, only when our babies were born, really. And not even "real crying" just tears spilling out. I don't understand HIM - how can you not cry?! Though I did date a guy who cried - seriously, he was worse than Jack. I hate to say it but it made me lose a lot of respect (and attraction) to/for him. There is no pleasing me!
I like Taylor Swift too - I have only heard one song actually, that Porch Door one, I'll call it. It is cheesy but I like it :)
Hmm, I have never seen Shia act, so I am neutral on him so far and I haven't seen any of the High School musicals either. But I have read Twilight. Team Jacob! He is so serious and lame. Could you imagine spending eternity with Mr.No Personality? That sexy/creepy stare and heavy breathing act would wear thing pretty quick, I imagine.

Joan Crawford said...

*Edward is so serious an lame. Jacob is funny and cool.

SonshineMusic said...

Thanks, Joan. I needed a change from the pink and loved this one :)

Seriously. Edward drives me CRAZY, but most people I know think he's all that and dare to call Jacob whiny!

Blam said...

Sorry. I was distracted by the puffy clouds.
Anyhow, while I can't say I'm with you on every item, the list reflects well on you. I don't care for much country outside of classic, roots-music stuff, but there are always exceptions, and Taylor Swift is absolutely talented, charming, and deserving of her success. I always liked writing research papers, which is probably one reason why I became a journalist, but I enjoy reading non-fiction in general. I love musicals as well, and the LOTR production sounds intriguing; at first, though, I thought that photo on the right was from Starlight Express, and now "Rolling Stock" is in my head.
VW: latfingu -- Uh, the University of Latfing.

Erin said...

You are a girl after my own heart.

I am a big Taylor Swift fan. She is so awesome for such a young girl. I love that she writes her own stuff.

I luuurve Edward Cullen. Gobbled those books up super fast, and then read them all again.

I cry like a baby over pretty much anything and everything. It's therapeutic!

Musicals. Oh, how I adore Les Mis. I can belt out all the songs (and cry through some of them...)

I met Brendan Fraser at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. He was lovely, and very chatty. And also, very very cute.

And of course, you know how I feel about LOST!!!

Kindred spirits, you and I...

Jenn said...

Twilight = brain candy. I love how you described that! I agree though—it's not the best book ever written, but it was entertaining as hell! Team Edward, btw. He's so romantic, and traditional, and creepy, and emo, and obsessive and all that. Just everything I dream of when I dream of teen vampires—at least twice a week.

Also love the cries—especially commercial cries, because they are pretty amusing.

Lost, obviously I am with you on that one:)

Joan Crawford said...

@Jenn - I knew you would pick Edward! Creep-Lover that you are ;)
I think Edward is even creepier than Jacob, for the record. And you love them both! :D

Jenn said...

@ Joan

Good Lord. You're right. Edward falls right into my creepy/palatable radar. Clearly, I am as you say, a creep-lover. The truth is always ugly.

@ Sonshine

I'm sorry I can't be with you on Team Jacob! As you can see, it is in my nature not to like cool and funny wolf-boys.

AchingHope said...

Selling your child... Ahahahaha... Very nice.

SonshineMusic said...

@Erin: I'm glad to see someone else finds Brendan Fraser cute. :)

@Jenn: it is in my nature not to like cool and funny wolf-boys.

hehehe... See, Jacob is exactly the kind of character I usually fall for, which is why I find it so entertaining that on Lost I go for Sawyer, Ben, Richard - totally not my normal "type" :)

Jenn said...


As a fellow Sawyer-lovin girl, I have to say that I wonder if Sawyer is "bad." I mean sure he he has that bad-boy past, coupled with his long rebel-hair, but I think we get to see a very sweet side of Sawyer a lot on the show (for example, when Juliet is about to fall, he's practically in tears, and then when he thinks she's dead—before she actually dies—he threatens to kill Jack over it.)

I think he's just a romantic softy—with a criminal past:)

That could be why you are drawn to him? But as for your love of Ben, welcome to the creepy/palatable lover's club:) I cannot think of one sweet thing to say about Ben:)

The jury is still out on Richard and his sexy eyeliner, and whether is a bad/creepy boy or not:)

Teebore said...

I have a man crush on Shia LaBeouf, so I'm with you there. And I LOVE musicals (Twilight, not so much...). And Lost, of course.

My sister-in-law was a part of Taylor Swift's stage crew for her last tour, and I got to see her show when she came to town. The music doesn't do much for me (even pop country sends me running for the hills) but from what my sister-in-law tells me, Taylor runs a great team and is very nice and down to earth.

Blam said...

That "our song is a slammin' screen door" ditty got me to notice her. I heard she didn't sound so hot at the Grammys (didn't get to see it), and I noticed that on SNL her voice wasn't nearly strong enough to match the music, but the soft, cute "Monologue Song" was perfectly sweet and on-pitch. So it's a shame that she may not come off well when it isn't just her, a guitar, and sparse arrangement, but, again, given all the attention I'm so glad that she seems to have such a good head on her shoulders.

Blam said...

PS: In case any of you-all didn't see TS's amusing videos from the CMA Awards show or SNL, I have links to 'em on my blog.