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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Snowy Day Enchiladas

So, Friday, the snow was so bad that our county declared a State of Emergency and no one was allowed out. The mall closed, the shopping centers closed, pretty much everything closed.

That means I got THREE days off in a row! That hasn't happened since I was on vacation last year! Sweet muffins!

By Friday night the snow finally stopped and we got a total of 27 inches. In the lawn where we still had accumulation from last week we now have 34 inches! That's crazy talk! and I'm loving it :)

Here's Dave walking down our front walk.

Remember how our mailbox had a Russian hat? Well, after all the snow it became a conehead:

Here's a view of our back yard:
The snow got so heavy it started breaking off branches. When I was shoveling Thursday night I was scooping up snow at the edge of the driveway. I heard a snap and turned around to see a branch had come down like two feet from my head. After that I felt like I was in that scene from The Princess Bride in the fire swamp... every time I heard a pop or snap I jumped back to avoid the branches that were falling down around my head.

Anyhoo... back to Friday.

Around 1:00 we realized everyone would be home for dinner so we started digging through the freezer to see what to fix. All we had was roast or ground meat. I had just been listening to Double Shot by Diane Mott Davidson and the main character was making enchiladas - I thought ... mmmmmm... enchiladas.

But we were out of tortillas :(

So I pulled out good old Betty Crocker and discovered that tortillas aren't that hard - so I made my own!
Bubbly tortillas in the pan!

I made a whole giant stack of Mexican pancakes!
Here's the meat and cheese filling:

And the yummy sauce - I kind of changed the recipe a little to fit my picky palate and because we did not have chili peppers in the house.
Then I rolled them up

sprinkled cheese on top

and slid them into the oven.


It was yummy - I served it with tortilla chips, which were good for scooping up all the stuff that fell out. The sauce had a nice kick to it... and there were leftovers for me to take to work the next day!

Yeah for cooking! I love it, but don't get much opportunity - thank you snow for giving me the opportunity :)


Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

omg, that looks so good!! you are invited to come over my house any time to cook me that. ;)

Falen said...

I'm not a fan of mexican food, BUT those tortillas look awesome and i want them...

Teebore said...

@Falen Not a fan of mexican food?

That's as crazy as me not being a fan of eggs and turkey drumsticks.

Those enchilada's looked hella good, and I lurve Mexican food.

Also, I'm jealous of your snow emergency. Up here in MN it takes a lot to get us to that point.

The last one I remember was when I was in high school and the high temp for the day was projected to be -60 so the governor declared a state of emergency and closed the schools. It was awesome.

Al said...

Looks awesome.

I had to smile about tortillas. Use a different flour and cook them in India and they would be called chapati or roti.

I live in OZ not India, but I fairly often cook chapatis to eat with curry.


Publish or Perish

Erin said...

Homemade enchiladas? Seriously? Awesome! They look delicious... And they were actually easy to make, huh? I'm intrigued.