"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, 'What! You too? I thought I was the only one.'" ~ C. S. Lewis

Sunday, February 14, 2010

In Honor of Singleness Awareness Day

Every year on this day I play the "try-to-be-happy-and-remember-that-I-am-not-less-of-a-person-because-I-do-not-have-a-man-in-my-life-but-I-still-really-wish-that-I-had-somebody-to-give-me-flowers-and-chocolate-and-giant-stuffed-animals" game.

Yes, I love my life. Yes, I am happy and content with the progress I am making as an individual. Yes, I realize that there are things I can do now that wouldn't be as possible if I were attached to someone. But yes, I still wish that God would hurry up and bring that special person into my life.

So in honor of defying any pity parties, as well as rejoicing in the things I can do since I am single, I shall put together my list of... ::insert trumpet fanfare here::


In no particular order we begin.....
(half of these are going to be Lost related, because, well... because that's kind of what's on my mind right now :)

1. Benjamin Linus:
Yes, I get delicious chills whenever he comes on screen. And there is a heart in there. See the latest Benry Knows Best and try not to get a little teary eyed.

2. Timothy McGee: Seriously. How flippin' cute is he!

3. The Doctor from Star Trek: Voyager. Gah! I cannot find a good picture of him though. It is truly driving me crazy. Here's an okay shot, but it doesn't quite work.

4. Sawyer Ford (not James btw): Yes, I know I am not alone in this, but seriously, the thing that totally gets me is the way he's such a bookworm. Totally adorable. (Unfortunately I couldn't find a good shot of him reading and I am too lazy to go dig out my DVDs right now.)

5. Ronon Dex: I kind of owe this one to my sister :) For those of you who don't know, he's from StarGate Atlantis and I LOVE his character arc so much. (We are watching them on DVD and just about finishing S4)

6. Richard Alpert: Eternal life, silky long eyelashes, perpetually good dresser... what's NOT to love ;)

7. Dr. Horrible: I'd rule the world with him :)

8. Dr. Cox: Okay, I'm finding this one a little weird myself, but it doesn't make it not true.

9. Ethan Rom/Goodspeed: I realize I am very much in the minority on this one, but (to quote myself) while everyone else is screaming EVIL DEMON! I'm like, you can kidnap me in the jungle any day ;) And again, I couldn't find the picture I wanted. I really wanted one from the most recent episode, but couldn't get it. :(

And as a bonus... (and now we're heading into deep dark secret territory...

10. This was my very first "tv crush". I think I was fourteen and I had a major thing for Wesley Crusher :P

(Thank you to Joan Crawford for coining the usage of the word palatable and thank you to all of the lovely ladies over at Nik at Nite for encouraging me to embrace my inner weirdo and admit to the creepy/strange/odd/etc. people I find palatable.)


Joan Crawford said...

Aw, this is such a cute list! Benry Knows Best *hearts and love*
Hehehe the pic of the alien doctor though, kills me! Who is that actor, I recognize him from somewhere else.

VW: Amyntet

Why, it's Amy N' Tet, of course! Everyone's favorite Ukrainian dance team. Here to perform "Happy Times - to the Awesome Times!"

Jenn said...

A girl after my own heart! Instead of calling Valentine's day "single's awareness day," I've starting calling it VD because well…you know…nobody likes VD! ;)

OK, now to the important stuff: Ben is an awesome choice. He is definitely palatable. I found him at his most palatable when he rocked a fedora during the flashforward with Sayid when he was issuing the killin' orders.

Sawyer = I think you know already that I whole-heartedly agree.

Richard = Ditto

I've never seen StarGate Atlantis, but thanks to the picture you posted of Ronon Dex, I may have to start watching.

Wonderful taste, Sonshine!

SonshineMusic said...

the "alien doctor" as you put it, is played by Robert Picardo. He was in both StarGate and StarGate Atlantis as a man named Wolsey from the IOA. He also has been in two Castle episodes as a consultant. He was also in a Without a Trace episode (or maybe it was Cold Case - they used to be back to back and I could never keep them straight).

Joan Crawford said...

Heheheheeh! I'm sorry, I thought he was an alien :D He ears looked kinda pointy like a Spock.

AchingHope said...

This is disturbing because *ahem* I strangely agree with most of them.

Ronan is palatable ;)

And Dr. Cox is strangely... understandable.

Richard made me laugh out loud "Silky" eyelashes... bwahahaha...

@Jenn: Yes! I love Ben in his fedora! :D

verif: dedevel, what some people would think this list is of.

AchingHope said...

Ah! You forgot someone! What about Chandler from Friends, eh?

SonshineMusic said...

NO!!!!!!!!!!! How could I forget Chandler!?


Now I'm gonna have to do another list sometime, cause I thought of someone else I forgot too.

Oh, and what's with the eh? Has Evil Blam infected you!

The Horrors!

SonshineMusic said...

@Jenn: I too loved the fedora Ben, but my favorite of all time is the one I have pictured - when he's going to see Widmore in "The Shape of Things To Come" and he's got the black suit and the maroon shirt... le sigh

Your Friendly Neighborhood Palindrome said...

I too heart Ronan. When he first appeared on Atlantis, I was like GOOD GAWD! TAKE ME YOU DELICIOUS SIX FOOT TALL MAN MEAT!

sorry, that was a mite inappropriate. But, WOW, he's definitely biteable.

Joan Crawford said...


Hehe, I like a man I can climb on too.

Jenn said...


You have a soft spot for Chandler Bing, do you? My family and I joke ALL the time about how much my brother looks like him! LOL. He HATES being told that he looks like Chandler all the time, and recently he keeps harassing us and asking if he could look like Jack instead.

He does look a bit like Jack (A Jack-Chandler hybrid—Chack, perhaps?), but it wouldn't bug him nearly enough. You know how families are…bug bug bug:)

Gillian Whitfield said...

@Sonshine: Can we share Sawyer, Richard and Ben? Bad/Immortal men turn me on. ;) I also love Benry Knows Best.

VW: toppeek. When you peek from the top.

AchingHope said...

I know not of what ye speak, Sonshine. I be purely AchingHope, eh.

Blam said...

Dr. Cox and Ethan? One is an anomaly, but both is a trend that just scares me. At this rate I should be thankful you went with Wesley and not Riker.
VW: icind — 1. A bitter combination of ice and wind. 2. How French people explain that they're in Fargo.

Blam said...

PS: No Castle?

AchingHope said...

Oough... *shudder* Not Riker! Bleh, bleh, bleh.

Evil Blam said...

I like a man I can climb on too.
You know, I have been a called a jungle gym of the hot sexy loving, eh.
Verification word: by womenfolk, even

SonshineMusic said...

@Blam: You know, Castle missed the list by THAT much. I could have thrown him in and nearly did, but I am a tad OCD and I wanted to have a list of 10 and couldn't figure out who to drop to fit him in. :)

And ewwww on Riker. No way.

Joan Crawford said...

by womenfolk, even


Marebabe said...

I first got to know the "alien doctor" in "The Wonder Years". He played Coach Cutlip, and was a charter member in the Will Not Embarrass Club. Totally committed to his comedic art, his willingness to act a fool for our amusement was inspiring.

Blam said...

I am a tad OCD and I wanted to have a list of 10 and couldn't figure out who to drop to fit him in. :)
I have a dear friend who's more than a tad OCD, so I understand, but I don't think there's anything wrong an elegant eleven or even twelve — thirteen, though, that's Evil Blam territory. (Anything more than a dozen you have to start going up by fives and tens, of course.)
VW: dessi — An unfinished French drawing.