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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Snow Snow Snow

Wheeee!!! We finally got our major snowstorm! And it was on a day that I closed, so I didn't have to go in, because they closed the store early!

This is the view outside of our front door. Pretty, no?

See how that branch looks like it is going to leap out and scratch your eyes out? Not so pretty now!

No, really. That branch usually is well over our heads, but the snow has weighed it down and it is now nearly touching our porch!

Here is a view of behind our house:

And here is a little look at how much snow is piling up on edges of the driveway:

We have now shoveled 3 times. And by "we" I mean my family. I would normally be helping, but that Blechy thing that attacked me last week refuses to leave and I get winded just walking up the stairs, much less shoveling wet, heavy snow.

This makes me feel bad.

Here is a picture - you get to guess what it is a picture of!
No, that is not a dead rodent, that is my sister's stylin' hat! How dare you insult her!

Speaking of hats - our mailbox now has a lovely Russian style hat of snow:

See, like this:
Only here the person is made out of snow instead of the hat.


AchingHope said...

Ahahahahahahaha... That Russian hat! *sigh*

Jenn said...

Oh man, Sonshine! We're getting an awful lot of snow here in Canuck-town too. But unlike yourself, I just don't love it:(

Must be because my mailbox doesn't have a cool russian hat, like yours. Ah well:)

Joan Crawford said...

I love her Daniel Boon hat! We are getting hit with snow and then rain and then snow - not so pretty.

Teebore said...

Aw, they closed your store cuz of the snow? Jealous! That never happens to us-the price of living in MN where it takes several feet of snow to grind our retailers to a halt.

SonshineMusic said...

Well, we've got several feet now - last count was 25 inches I think? craziness for us!

Falen said...

ugh, i'm so tired of snow and the icedams on my roof. I NEED SPRING!