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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


First the bad news - no Retail Wednesday today.

But that's because it's time for the:

*loud cheering and applause*


since I set this up, we have decided to go on vacation, but I should be able to get on and visit all of you. There's only a handful of us, so it shouldn't be too hard. But I AM excited to see what everyone has come up with! Click HERE to go to the link that has the list of people! Check them all out, it's sure to be fun!

here's my entry:

Lightning sizzled through the sky, thunder chasing just behind it. I shivered as I approached the mansion. No, make that the enormous mansion. Fat raindrops began to pound the ground just as I stepped under the protection of the entryway. Fingering the stiff, formal invitation that had led me to this lonely place I pressed the doorbell.
A deep gong sounded, echoing through the house beyond the closed double doors. Within moments the door opened and a tall, thin butler eyed me coldly.
"Yes?" he said.
I held up the invitation. "I got this in the mail. It said I was supposed to come here tonight?" I didn't mean to say it as a question, it just came out that way.
"You are early," the butler said, looking at me with disdain. "Very well. Please step this way, SonshineMusic."
"No, that's..."
"That is what you will be called while you are here. You will call me, The Butler."
I could hear it just like that, capitals and all, in his voice as stiff as the paper. I narrowed my eyes at his back as we went inside.
"You will wait in the library," he said, showing me into a vast warm room and then immediately leaving.
It was like I had stepped into a dream. Every wall was floor to ceiling books. I wandered over to the closest wall and brushed my fingers against the spines.
The doorbell sounded again and I turned around to face the door. The butler passed it on his way to the foyer. I heard a bit of a commotion, some swearing, some loud voices and The Butler's cold tones.
"You need to see a doctor," The Butler said and I stepped toward the hall just as a man and woman, supporting each other burst through the door. I stumbled back to get out of their way.
"My good sir, I am perfectly fine," the man said. "Merc will fix me up here. Fetch me some vodka and leave us alone." Blood dripped onto the carpet from a gash in his side and I gaped at him and the woman.
She was wearing stilettos so high I wondered how she didn't fall off them. They looked sharp. And painful.
"Simon, you idiot," she said.
The Butler had stalked away and was just returning with a bottle of vodka and some glasses on a tray when the doorbell gong sounded again.
"I'll get it," I said and all but ran from the room. What on earth was going on here?
I opened the door and a girl leapt inside. "#HI!" she said, then turned around and waved her hand at five lurching figures that were trying to get up the stairs. "#honestly," she said, bouncing back out and pulling them up and through the doors. "I tried to get them to stay home, #butWOULDtheylisten #No #IamMIAbyTHEway" She gave me a hug and then pirouetted into the middle of the foyer. "#DOyoulikeMYshoes?"
"I DO," said another female voice and I jumped, because I hadn't seen anyone else out there. I spun back around, but all I could see was a pair of stylish shoes, the rest of the girl was hidden in the shadows, but somehow I knew she was smiling. "I'M TAHEREH! LET'S BE BESTIES!" she said and danced through the foyer so quickly I just caught the flash of her shoes and her big, bright grin.
Mia herded her zombies into the library and I was about to close the door when three more figures appeared on the path, scurrying through the rain.
They hopped up the stairs and skidded through the door, breathless and laughing. A small white dog I hadn't noticed at first ran in circles around the one girl. They all shook the raindrops from their clothes.
"I'm telling you, those weren't sunflowers!" The tallest of the three said.
"Yes, they were!" the other two girls exclaimed in unison.
The first girl rolled her eyes. "Okay, so they looked a little creepy, but honestly Han..."
"Her name is Palindrome," The Butler broke in, marching into the hall. "And you are Falen and she," gesturing strictly to the third, "is Dangerous With A Pen."
"I certainly am," Dangerous with a Pen said, her eyebrows furrowing as she reached into her pocket and whipped out a ballpoint pen. She slashed it through the air like a sword. Then the three of them burst into laughter again.
"You will wait in the library," The Butler commanded, glaring at me. Apparently I had broken some sort of rule by answering the door.
The little white dog barked and Falen scratched the top of its head.
"Come on, Yvie," she chuckled.
"Oh sure, leave me to park the car by myself."
This time it was a male voice that surprised me. I spun back to face the door. Man, was I jumpy. Palindrome waved her hand. "You found the house just fine," and she stuck her tongue out as she and the other two girls left the foyer.
The man shut the door and then brushed at the shoulders of the brown jumpsuit he was wearing, sending raindrops scattering to the floor. I recognized the octagonal symbol and smiled.
"That's a Dharma suit!" I said.
"Ah, a fellow Lost afficionado," the man said, holding out his hand. "I'm..."
"Teebore," The Butler cut in. "And you can both wait in the library." He was glaring at me again.
I threw up my hands in a sign of surrender. "I was just trying to help," I said and I followed him and Teebore back to the library.
We had just stepped into the now somewhat crowded room, when the door gong sounded once again.
"How many people do you think were invited?" I wondered aloud. Then I looked around the room.
Mia's zombies were on the far side of the room, sprawled on the floor. It looked like they were coloring. Mia was chatting animatedly with Tahereh, but she must have seen me watching her zombies, because she gestured to them. "#iALWAYSbringsomethingFORthemtoDO #itKEEPSthemfromBEINGbored."
I nodded, not really sure what to say.
"Here, have an Oreo," Tahereh offered, pulling a bag of them out of her purse.
I smiled and took one. Nothing like cookies to break down an awkward silence.
There was a curse from the other side of the room and I turned my head. Simon was sprawled on a low reading couch, one hand on his face and the other outstretched with a glass of vodka clutched in it. Merc, if that was her name, bent over the wound on his torso.
"Quit being such a baby," she smirked and he snarled something inaudible back at her, which only made her laugh.
Palindrome, Falen and Dangerous With a Pen were perusing the bookshelves, talking in low, but animated voices. Teebore moved to join them. I continued to stare around the room.
Why on earth had we all been called here?
The Butler reappeared, leading two more people into the room. There was a man with dark hair and a woman next to him. There were two things I noticed immediately. One was that the woman seemed fascinated with a dimple on the man's cheek and kept poking it with her index finger. The second was that the woman didn't have a cheek. The lower half of her face was rotting away.
Mia's zombies also seemed to have noticed and one of them lurched to its feet and staggered over to peer up at her.
"This is Blam," The Butler gestured at the man, "and this is Joan Crawford," he pointed at the woman.
"Not that one," Joan clarified and I had to grin.
It looked like The Butler was going to say something else, but the doorbell rang. Again. And he disappeared.
There was the sound of loud giggling and then a small shriek, followed by more giggling. Two girls stumbled in, tripping over each other's feet and nearly tumbling to the ground. One of them was my sister and I rolled my eyes. She might look drunk, but she had probably just had coffee. Either that or sugar.
"I swear, I saw something move out there," the other girl said, clutching my sister's arm. "This is the perfect place for spakes."
"Maybe, but..." my sister started to say, but The Butler cut her off.
He seemed to do that an awful lot. "This is..."
Now it was my sister that cut him off.
"...AchingHope," she finished.
"And I'm BlackRoseofLight94!" the other girl said, waving her arms and stretching the words out like a grand announcement. Then the two of them dissolved into giggles again. They tried to move out of the doorway, but this time actually did fall to the ground where they stayed in a laughing heap.
The Butler ignored them and announced loudly, "I believe you have all arrived now. Dinner will be served in ten minutes." Then The Butler left and we all stared at each other, uncertainty clear in each gaze.
I was glad to see that I wasn't the only one that seemed mystified by this strange meeting in this creepy house with all of these people that I had never met before. Well, except my sister of course.
What on earth was going on?

Oh my werd, but I had way too much fun with that. I might actually do a 2nd part to it at some point, because it took a lot longer just to get everyone into the house than I anticipated.

Hope you all enjoyed! and those are all links to everyone's blogs, which you should definitely check out, because they are all amazing!

and go read everyone else's posts! they're sure to be a blast!


Summer Ross said...

I wish I would have known of this fest earlier, it would have been fun to join,

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Ohmygoodness!!!! Best blogfest EVAH!!! DARN, I missed it! But SO excited to find myself in such Clueesque joy! :D

I would try to jump in and join, but right now I have a bit of fiction to get to for one certain owlicious contest...! Hooooooooot!

"I. Am. Your singing telegram." BANG!

Mia said...


Hehehe, I love this! Can't believe he got all upset about you opening the door.

Also, one day, I will DEFS piroutte and show you my shoes. DEFS.


SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Hi everyone! Glad you guys are enjoying so far... If you want to join in, by all means do, even if you can't post till tomorrow or whatever, just leave a comment when you do!

Just to let everyone know, I am on a friend's computer and it is not letting me comment on embedded comment forms, so if I haven't left you a message I will as soon as I get home - but that won't be until next week. But I'm not ignoring you! Promise!

Palindrome said...

hahaha! I just watched Clue a few weeks ago so it's fresh in my mind! Love it! I love the part when Lindsay slashes her pen around proving just how dangerous she is. Lol! Terrific.

abrokenlaptop.com said...

Oh my goodness, I die! I die! This is darling and hysterically funny! :D


Amalia T. said...

I feel as though a game of clue is about to begin! WITH LIVE PARTICIPANTS!

Awesome!! Great blogfest :)

Tahereh said...


Simon C. Larter said...

Just as a point of clarification, when Mercedes is sewing me up, I usually drink from the bottle instead of a glass. ;)

How wonderfully entertaining this was, good lady! I was wonderfully entertained. :D

Elizabeth Mueller said...

LOL, how fun. It's cute to see you guys swap each other's blog friends. Don't forget to read my entry, girl! btw, thanks for hosting this, it's been way fun! :)

M. Bail said...

Very funny! I joined this blogfest party a little late, but since I didn't have anything else to write about on my blog today, I participated anyway. It was fun...and I see some of the same victims...er...characters here (they seem to be have been recycled on multiple blogs today!)

Thanks for hosting!

AchingHope said...

Ahahahahaha... This was AMAZING!

I die.

JW said...

Wish I would have known about this earlier too, but I'm glad to read all these cool things now!

Tessa Conte said...

That is SO COOL! Do please do a part 2 of this... it really sounds like an old-fashioned who-dunnit setup, I kept expecting Hercule Poirot to turn up.. ; P