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Thursday, August 5, 2010


UPDATE: Extended to September 7th :D

August just happens to be the month in which Naomi and I BOTH have a birthday! Isn't that amazing?! We are 9 years apart. THAT is crazy. And probably more than you cared to know. But we are the queens of TMI over here. Okay maybe not. ANYHOO...

We wanted to CELEBRATE! WITH YOU! Because you, my blogger lovelies, are what keep us going out here in the big bad interweb world. You make it fun for us to post and to read and to write and to go a little crazy!

Hence enter the:
Because we wanted to celebrate by giving YOU presents!

But, this is no ordinary giveaway *shakes head emphatically* because there are


yes, you saw that right


different contests - one HERE at Sonshine Thoughts and one THERE at Writing: A Soul's Way of Breathing.

HERE you get to give US a present and have a chance to win some spectacumondous prizes.

THERE you get to do one of those boring easy drawing type things with also spectacumondous prizes AND a BONUS prize.

And guess what... YOU CAN ENTER BOTH!

I know, crazy right?!

All right, all right, let me get to the point... Here's what you have to do:
  1. You have to be Stalker LamNams (aka be a follower of BOTH my AND Naomi's blogs)
  2. You CAN let other people know about the contest and we would LOVE anything you did like Tweetering or Bloggering or Skywriting (dude, if someone did that I think they would win by default. Werd.) But it's NOT necessary to enter. Though I'm thinkin' that if I hit 150 and/or we get Naomi to 100 followers before the end of the contest then I'm gonna add on a prize :)
  3. Um... that's it for this part, but I had already hit enter so... BE EXCITED! Yes! That's what you have to do.
Naomi shall explicate the rules for HER half of the contest over THERE.

I shall expound upon the rules for MY half of the contest HERE.

First I shall tantalize you with the prizes. There shall be 3 (maybe even 4)

1st place shall receive:
  1. A SIGNED and PERSONALIZED hardcover copy of Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters - she hosts a book club at our store every other week and is one of THE sweetest, MOST amazing people ever.
  2. A SIGNED and PERSONALIZED hardcover copy of Michelle Zink's Guardian of the Gate Just released THIS week.
  3. Revision and Self-Editing by James Scott Bell - pretty much THE best book I've ever read on editing. It has been SO helpful and inspiring.
  4. Be Happy That... This Book Isn't Covered in Poison Plus 100 Other Reasons to CHEER UP by Melissa Heckscher - Honestly, this is the FUNNIEST book like this that I have seen in forever. Every page is outrageously ridiculous and the illustrations by Del Thorpe totally MAKE the book.
  5. Crazy for Chocolate cookbook. Seriously. Chocolate.
  6. An amigarumi owl. Yup. You read that right. :D
  7. A SEKRIT surprise.

Okey dokey. Are you drooling yet?

2nd place will get:
  1. A SIGNED and PERSONALIZED hardcover copy of Michelle Zink's Prophecy of the Sisters
  2. Revision and Self-Editing
  3. Be Happy That... This Book Isn't Covered in Poison Plus 100 Other Reasons to CHEER UP by Melissa Heckscher
  4. An amigarumi owl
  5. A SEKRIT surprise

3rd place shall be imparted
  1. A SIGNED paperback copy of K. L. Going's The Garden of Eve - She is another local author and is also amazingly sweet.
  2. Revision and Self-Editing
  3. Be Happy That... This Book Isn't Covered in Poison Plus 100 Other Reasons to CHEER UP by Melissa Heckscher
  4. An amigarumi owl
  5. A SEKRIT surprise

If one of the winners happens to be international we shall work out a prize package for you, but I'm sorry, as much as I LOVE you it is just too expensive to ship things. But I'm thinking Amazon gift card or a book ordered and shipped to you that way. We'll work it out if you win. In that event there would be 4 winners!

Now, you want to know what you have to do to WIN all of this marvelousness?!


I had SO much fun with Sarah/Falen's contest back a while ago that I knew I wanted to do one myself. So we are going to!

So please write something because otherwise I will feel lame. But no pressure. I'll just die of mortification. That's all.

The writing prompts are taken from Be Happy That... and are in NO way of our own making.

You will have 6 to choose from - think of them as jumping off points. It doesn't have to end up resembling the original prompt.

Here are the rules, because I am an English teacher and I CAN. But really. We want to do as "blind" a reading as we can so we won't be prejudiced one way or the other so please follow the rules so we don't have to disqualify you. because that would just make us sad :(
  1. Write a piece of flash fiction that is 801 words or less. Why 801? Because it is 108 backwards and I am THAT much of a LOST geek.
  2. e-mail it to me @ sonshinemusic(at)gmail(dot)com as a Word attachment.
  3. Title the Word document: Super Sister Celebration
  4. Do NOT put your name on the document.
  5. Put the TITLE of the story AND the PROMPT at the BOTTOM of the page. (this way when we open it up to print it, we won't as easily associate the title with your name)
  6. BE ENTERTAINING! We will be judging it on entertainment value and good writing. Not necessarily FUNNY, but something we really ENJOYED.
  7. Be aware that I will be posting the 3 winner's stories HERE when I reveal who WON, so hopefully you're up for that.
Here are the prompts:
  1. "Be happy that... you aren't suddenly allergic to pants."
  2. "Be happy that... blinking doesn't change the channel."
  3. "Be happy that... grass isn't sharp."
  4. "Be happy that... stepping on your shadow doesn't hurt."
  5. "Be happy that... your new neighbors aren't cannibals."
  6. "Be happy that... you don't have a nervous habit of eating important papers."
  7. Hey, I'll throw in a bonus, because it was the title of this book that caught my attention so... "Be happy that... this book isn't covered in poison."
I can't WAIT to see what you make out of those :D

So, Naomi's birthday was on the 3rd (we were going to put this up then, but we both had to work and we kinda forgot it was coming up so fast, but hey, we're CLOSE)

And my birthday's on the 31st SO we're going to let this run from NOW until midnight EST Friday August 27th so we can announce the winners on the 31st!

And please feel free to steal/borrow/obsquatulate one of our happy buttons to promote it on your blog or whatever.
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*runs to sit by inbox and await entries*


AchingHope said...

omb! This is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

(Am I allowed to say that on my own Contest?? Probably not)

unesse: not necessary, like this comment.

aLmYbNeNr said...

UM, you guys are so amazing and GENEROUS! Look at you two!

I'm not sure yet if I'll enter because, well, I've never written flash fiction before...unless it's somehow similar to writing Harry Potter role play but where you only write a few characters...but not. So I'll probably take a look at the contest every time I stop by and see if inspiration strikes...I hope it does!

Falen (Sarah) said...

OOH! This is so awesome! I WANT AN OWL!!!

I will write something this weekend. Or perhaps next week. But no later than that since i will then be on vacay and have no interwebs.
So totes before.


Palindrome said...

Alright! I'm in!! I think this is like my third writing contest this week...i gots lots of writing to do!! :D

wolfie 402 said...

This contest sounds:

Yup. Like that.

So, I am in. Whether you like it or not. :D

Mia said...

Hmm, this sounds WONDERMAZING and you are dears for allowing me to enter ;)


Lilah Pierce said...

Funniest Blogfest Ever! has been cancelled!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

omigosh... f'reals, I think only you can draw me out of blog hiatus with the temptation of owls... and writing books... and Prophecy of the Sisters, which I JUST started reading YESTERDAY! And on top of it all, my birthday is right in between yours (Aug 11) so hells, I think maybe it's karma. ;) And besides, the writing part of your contest sounds too fun! I will definitely have to jump back in for this one and for some sisterly fun! When my kiddies aren't being all wacky sisterlies themselves and needing my constant mediation... ahem... I mean... love. :) Thanks for the email, it was very sweet of you to think of me! I shall definitely complete some enterage soon!!! <3

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Ok, so I have totally flash fictionized and sent it on its merry way. When you read it, you will send me prizes just so that I don't enter any more of your contests and send you any more of my flash fiction madness. And so that I can pet an owl. And cook chocolately.

Oh, and HEY! Hi Naomi and Falen and Amber and Hannah and other bloggy friends I have been missing in my bloggy hiatus! :D

WV: tawnssa = Lindsey must win. Muahahahaha!

Summer Ross said...

I'll post this up on my sidebar....
wonderful prizes, sorry i didn't hear of it sooner. Busy with school starting and such...

RosieC said...

Oh, this is so much fun! I'm glad you posted about it again, because I missed it the first time 'round. :)

AchingHope said...

@MissDangerous: *waves* Hi! :D