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Monday, June 14, 2010

Text Fiction

My sister and I have invented a NEW FICTION FORM!

It's amazing!

So, we have unlimited texting on our phones and as we were driving away from the Verizon store we were playing with it, because we could. I was in the front seat (NOT driving, so don't freak out) and she was in the back seat (NOT driving either) and she sent me the following text:

Once upon a time there was a duck.

So of course I had to answer her...

Who had a friend that was a skunk.

And obviously she had to respond and so on and so forth until we created a short and VERY bizarre little story.

So now it's become a fun thing we do, when we're travelling somewhere and we're bored we TEXT WRITE. It's SO great because you never know what the other person is going to throw back at you AND you're limited to 160 characters so sometimes you HAVE to leave it hanging for the other to fill in the blanks.

So I shall now give you our 3rd Text Fiction story written on the way back from BEA while we were riding the train, separated by several seats because it was all full and we were tired and bored.

I am the purple and Naomi is the green :)

Once upon a time there was an armadillo. And he walked all day so his feet hurt loads and loads, as much as it hurts to do laundry. (Which in Dillo's opinion was a lot.)

He had walked to the stream and to the giant rock shaped like an aardvark and to the yellow tree of sparkling butterflies and to the Pond of Genius. He of course had tried bathing in the Pond of Genius to become smart but had only managed to get slightly damp at which point Dillo realized he was hungry. So hungry he could have eaten a cactus.

Fortunately there weren't any cacti nearby. But there wasn't any other food either. He had to walk all the way to a large barn-like structure made from wooden boards painted bright-hurt-your-eyes green. It was a All-you-can-eat animal buffet. Which are very hard to find but Dillo had connections.

His waiter was a very gregarious water buffalo. "I'm famished," said Dillo. "Wonk," said the Water Buffalo, for it was the only thing he could say other than "HDEFQJR," which is nearly impossible to pronounce and is a word in the ancient Waffulo dialect rarely used. It can mean 17 different things depending on your mood and current distance from the sun.

"Can I have some of that Armadillo Deluxe Extreme Foodstuffs?"

WB said "HDFQJR."

Dillo looked outside to check the distance of the sun. "Oh, he sighed. "I guess I'll have to go for the non-extreme then."

"Wonk," said the water buffalo and brought himm his meal.

When he was done he got up to wander around the desert like he was want to do, when the wall caved in and he realized it had all been a reality tv show... Dillo's Delight. Dillo wasn't sure what to make of this turn of events. So he curled into a ball and began yodelling in the crook of his arm. The producers, director, and stuntman all stared at each other awkwardly.

"HFJDQU!" shouted the water buffalo as he swung out of the sky and scooped Dillo up. "Wonk!" he cried. Dillo was so startled and happy that he laughed giddily and the producers and directors and stuntman were left to confer alone together.

The end

P.S. No armadillo's nor water buffalos were harmed in the texting of this story.

ause wSO now that you KNOW we are crazy I just want to say that Naomi and I are still planning on doing that SUPER SISTER CONTEST sometime this summer and it just might maybe involve some personalized text fiction for a winner or two :)

So if you DON'T follow my sister's HI-LARIOUS blog, you should go check it out! She's actually got 2! and they're both linked on the sidebar under Stuff About the Blog!

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j.m. neeb said...

I'm going to be reading/commenting on blogs more thoroughly tomorrow, but I HAD to say that I love the fact that your text story starts with a duck!

(If you aren't sure why, I'm the Ducks Out Of A Row blog guy who has become a champion for all things "duck.")

Is one of your sister's blogs better than the other? I'm not opposed to following both, but am just curious...

Verification Word Definition

Proff: How all the uneducated ganstas -- as opposed to the MBA-pursuing ganstas -- are saying "proof." Example: "Gimme sum proff dat Biggie di'n't up an' shot Tupac 'for I bust a cap in yo asp." (He had a thing against snakes.)

AchingHope said...

Ah, this was fun stuff.

@J.M. Neeb: Hey! :D I write more consistently on the writing one at http://achinghope.blogspot.com but I don't know if that makes it intrinsically better...

Falen said...

water buffaloes totes say "wonk"

Mia said...





SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

@j.m. neeb: DUCKS ROCKSOCKS! Just sayin' And BOTH of Naomi's blogs are hilarious. She does post on the achinghope blog more often, but Slumpvis Musings tend to be slightly more HIlarious :D

@Naomi: FUN FUn FUN! We should TOTES do one tonight as we're driving into the inky blackness :D

@Falen: Of COURSE they do! Everyone knows that about water buffaloes :)

@Mia: *bows grandly* thank you, thank you, We'll be here all week :)