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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Beach Blogfest! Yeah!

So I decided to do this blogfest like AGES ago, but then forgot to sign up for it. So I will remedy that ASAP and then I forgot to write anything for it!

Rachel Bateman is hosting this blogfest and it really is FUN and you should go join! or at LEAST read the other entries!

THEN my happy little laptop got sad and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to post anything, but I managed to find a computer while Tippy's at the comp doc. AND now I can post this blogfest! Yeah! But it might take me a little while to get to all ya'lls. Just to let you know, my lovely blogger friends :D

But I went to the beach recently and walked on the beach formulating a little scene in my head, but then I never took the time to write it down and I lost the ending. I mean, it still ends the same, but I had just the right sentence to end it and I forget it.

So this is something I wrote just for the blogfest and it's rough drafty. seriously. Don't hate me because of it.

but FIRST I have to share a little story with you that I wrote especially for Mia Hayson. Because we're the TMI twins when it comes to each other's blogs and commenting on them. And because I loves her (and her zombies). AND it has the BEACH in it :D (and maybe even PICTURES - but they're just ROUGH estimates.)

The Mojo and the Muse
Once upon a time a little fairy muse was skipping around the interwebs.
"What a lovely place to meet new friends!" she exclaimed. She was the muse of a girl that went by the name SonshineMusic (and also Sonshine and also Rebecca) and they had a lot of wonderful adventures together. They wrote about the prairie and about fantasy worlds that didn't really exist and about loving and death and real life. They got along quite swimmingly, though muse did like to take long vacations sometimes, making it very difficult for Sonshine to accomplish much.

Once upon a time a lovely gentleman mojo was sauntering around the interwebs.
"What a lovely place to meet new friends!" he said. He was the mojo of a girl that went by the name Mia Hayson and they had a lot of wonderful adventures together. They wrote about zombies (good ones) and books and loving and death and killing (sometimes more than others thought healthy) and real life. They got along quite swimmingly, though the mojo did like to skitter through Twitter to try to meet new people, leaving Mia quite forlorn.

One day when mojo skittered through Twitter he met muse. They hit it off immediately, which really wasn't that surprising since Sonshine and Mia were Blogger and Twitter BFFs. So mojo and muse started talking and they fell in love and decided that they had to elope. They thought that Mia and Sonshine would never let them leave otherwise.

So one night, when Mia and Sonshine were distracted, mojo and muse found an interweb plane that was going to the Bahamas. They had a lovely beach wedding, surrounded by other mojos and muses that had taken vacations from their writers.
from the bahamas beaches

They never thought they would be found out so quickly, but Mia and Sonshine were trying to write entries for the beach blogfest and when they went looking for their mojo and their muse they realized what had happened.

Fortunately, Sonshine and Mia are both romantical people and they wanted mojo and muse to have a happy ending. So they made a deal that if mojo and muse would make sure they showed up when they were needed, they could live happily ever after in the interwebs together. So that's what they did.

The End :D

Okay, now my "real" entry :P

Chick Flick

Stupid Chick Flicks.

With a scowl Lara kicked a clump of sand. The loose powder sprayed into the air, the wind catching it and spattering it back against her bare legs. It really should have irritated her more, but instead Lara just sighed and walked toward the water's edge.

She always felt out of sorts after watching one of those horrid romantic comedies. All right, so the movies themselves weren't horrid; at least most of them; but they always left her grumpy. Why on earth did she let Moira talk her into watching them?

That was an easy question to answer: Because Lara adored her younger sister. But Moira had a lovely fiance and was in the middle of her happily ever after. Moira liked the movies because she could relate to them, because they reminded her of what she had.

Lara disliked them for the exact same reason. They reminded her of what she didn't have, of what she had never even come close to having.

The wind whipped around her, pressing her skirt into the back of her legs. The tide was coming in and a sudden wave washed over her toes. Lara felt herself relax as the chilly water raised goosebumps on her pale skin.

Her foul mood fading Lara smirked at her own thoughts. If she were in a movie, this would be the perfect setting to meet the tall, dark and handsome stranger. He would come up and hand her the elegant scarf that had blown off of her neck and say something terribly witty. She would smile demurely and respond quite cleverly. He would sparkle at her with eyes the color of the sea and would have a dimple in his cheek. Then he would give her a little bow...

At that Lara had to laugh aloud. That would only happen in a Jane Austen movie. And she would have to have an elegant scarf in order for it to blow away. As if that were the only difficulty in the whole scenario.

Silly Chick Flicks.

Putting these ridiculous notions into her head. Pushing away thoughts of movies and strangers, Lara strolled along the edge of the waves, sometimes getting splahsed, but mostly just walking in the saturated sand.

Curling her toes, Lara smiled. It was like digging her feet into a graham cracker crust - before it had been cooked of course. Firm but soft; crumbly yet clingy.

The sun was just setting behind the dunes and it cast a pink glow across the sky, which was picked up and reflected by the wave tips, while the rest of the ocean vacillated between green and blue and brown. Everything was peaceful. The wind wasn't too hard, the water not too cold, the beach nearly empty. Lara could have walked for hours.

Suddenly a giant wave crested. Laughing and squealing, Lara ran toward the dunes, the water nipping at her heels and managing to drench the hem of her pink and yellow flowered sundress.

All irritation gone Lara leaned down to squeeze excess water out of her dress. The beach always made her feel better. Always.

"Excuse me, are these yours?" The low musical voice startled her.

She jerked up, nearly tumbling to the ground in surprise as she met the gaze of two sparkling sea grey eyes.

"They tried to swim away, but I managed to catch them before they made it too far," he continuted, holding up her flip flops. The bright yellow sandals dripped, the silk sunflowers drooping from the toe straps in sad disarray. The young man was tall and dark and, Lara had to admit, quite handsome.

"What naughty things," she laughed. "They were cross that I wouldn't take them on my walk."

"Well then, I will return them to their owner like the errant items they are," he said, giving her a slight bow and handing over the shoes.

Lara smiled in thanks and he smiled back, a dimple appearing in his left cheek.

Lovely Chick Flicks.


Oogh... I don't like that ending. I WISH I could remember the GOOD ending I had originally had. But I DO like the way it came out, mostly. Besides it was just for fun anyways. But you should DEFINITELY go check out the other entries, because I'm SURE there are going to be some SPIFFY ones!


Charity Bradford said...

I loved it! I did have a Jane Austen flair to it, and I like the ending. If you ever remember the original one you'll have to add it later.

I loved how she slowly relaxed and let her frustration float away on the sea.

Great job!

Francine said...


The metaphorical hanky (flipflops) did the trick neatly!

Such a gentleman ;)

Loved it.

Mia said...


OMG, I get distracted for an afternoon and miss this fabulous post! I'm also a bit upset they decided not to invite us, it's only polite.

Also the second scene was perfect, I felt like I was with her on the beach! You made it feel so real, I loved it. AND I actually really liked the ending, with the dimple on his cheek etc. And that's coming from a girl who writes about books and loving and death and killing sometimes more than others think healthy ;)

ALSO that looks EXACTLY like my Mojo, shifty little guy that he is. *tuts* I still CAN'T believe they thought we wouldn't figure it out. But I am glad my MOJO found love with my (sometimes TMI) Twitter and blogger BFF's MUSE. At least we know they're finally happy right?

p.s. HAVE FUN TONIGHT *throws confetti* Bring back Tim Hawkins goodies and fun :)

sarahjayne smythe said...

I loved the second scene, the setting and description.

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

love love love it!!

Wonderful entry!

Visit My Kingdom Anytime

JW said...

Loved it too!

Sangu said...

I thought the change from 'stupid chick flicks' to 'lovely chick flicks' was funny and very well done! Great piece!

Abby Stevens said...

I love how quickly she changes her mind, ha ha. I like Lara's voice.

Hayley said...

Don't you hate it when you forget a wonderful idea? Well either way I really loved your entry, Lara has a strong presence. Nicely done, thanks for sharing.

SonshineMusic i.e. Rebecca T. said...

Oy! I'm SO LATE! I try to respond SO much sooner and I don't know what happened! But I did make it around to everybody's posts (I think) so at least I have THAT much. Anyways.

@Charity: Why thanks! Your comment made me laugh a little because I'm not a big Jane Austen fan - but I had just watched Lost In Austen - the BBC miniseries - so I probably had that in mind while thinking it up :)

@Francine: You know, I didn't even think of the flipflops that way, but you're right! They are like a metaphorical hanky :)

@Mia: They REALLY should have invited us to the wedding. Not polite AT ALL!

And I'm glad you liked the scene - it was fun to write :)

@sarahjayne: Thanks so much!

@Courtney: *blushes* thank you!

@JW: and thank you too! Glad you liked it

@Sangu: That bit kind of developed as I was writing it down and I liked the way it progressed as well. Glad it worked for you :)

@L. Hild: Thanks for the kind words.

@Abby: Yup, it does change quite a bit in a short time, but I kind of fluctuate like that too :P Thanks!

@Hayley: It really is the most annoying thing. I had different names for both the MC and her sister, but I like the ones that came up here. Glad you enjoyed!

AchingHope said...

I liked it, but I can't ogle over it. Come on, you didn't kill anyone.

Haha. Okay, I'm just kidding.

I love how they say witty things in the end just like she had imagined.

Ooh! And I love the pics you made for Muse and Mojo. Very nice.