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Friday, May 1, 2009

Mommy and Daddy Issues Take 2

All of the Losties' children are on the wonderfully messed up paths that their parents were on.

  • His biological father abandons him before he's born.
  • His biological mother, Claire, leaves him in the jungle.
  • His almost adoptive father, Jack, spirals down into drug and alcohol abuse therefore being kicked out by Kate
  • His adoptive mother, Kate, leaves him while he sleeps in the care of a stranger. Lovely.

Ji Yeon:

  • Her biological father is suspect. Yes Juliet said it was Jin, but was it really?
  • Jin is presumed dead.
  • Sun leaves her to chase after her dead husband. At least Ji Yeon knew her grandmother before she was left with her.


  • Actually has a few good years with good loving parents (except for the fact that he is raised with no connection to the outside world)
  • Then a crazy man comes, shoots his father and tries to shoot his mother
  • He and Penny follow Desmond to the hospital where Charlie's got to be confused and scared and then Penny leaves him with a complete stranger (albeit temporarily) and we still don't know the end of that one.

Lost really does love those parental issues, don't they :)

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