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Friday, November 18, 2011

Yeah! Augh! Yeah! Augh! or NaNo Day 17

Word Count: 25,275 - Broke the half way mark! Yeah! Still behind, but maintaining at least :)

Mood: Up and Down for sure. Yesterday, in the middle of class I figured out a major plot point for my novel. I was so excited beyond all reason and I had to SIT IN CLASS for 2 hours and then drive over an hour home and then eat something before my stomach ate itself and then. ALL motivation gone. Managed to crank out a couple thousand words by forcing myself to sit down and just write. Like where it's heading, but today I look at where I left off and don't know where to go next. So I'm back to the blah part. I really just want to crank out the roughness of this rough draft so I can then go back and figure out what pieces are missing. I love this story and I really want to see it developed, but this is the first time ever that I've been more excited about the prospects of revising than I am about the idea of drafting.

Surprises: The random woman that appeared a while back turned out to be the key to my whole entire plot. Funny how that happens!

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Lisa and Laura said...

Go Rebecca!!!! Keep writing! I'm so impressed!