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Monday, November 7, 2011

NaNo Day 6 (Sorry, no clever title today)

Word Count: 10,127 - on track! Still! Shockingly!

Mood: Excited that I am keeping up, but feeling a little blah about the novel. Had a really awkward encounter between the female MC and the male MC and it was ... awkward. I mean, it was supposed to be, but it wasn't awkward like, oh yeah you can tell they're all awkward together. It was like um, yeah. Don't really get where this is going kind of writing awkward. Anyways. I'm sure it will come together. Eventually. I hope. Did end up with Evva coming face to face with her mother and found out they have a distinctly CHILLY relationship. Which I didn't know. Which raises some interesting questions for later in the novel for me. So that's good.

Any writing awkwardness for you? Have you been able to push through it? Isn't it tempting to agonize over it until you get it "right"?

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Elizabeth Ann said...

If you didn't have a deadline, I would say let your characters sit in a melting pot for a little while and look them over afterwards...but maybe that is why I haven't gotten that far. Maybe I should co-author a book first...oh well. Keep pressing through!! :)