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Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Shall Prevail! Or NaNo Day 26

Word Count: 44,122 CAUGHT UP!

Mood: FEELING FANTASTIC! Did 1k in half an hour on a challenge from a fellow WriMo and then a 2K hour a little later, which got me majorly caught up. I'm also hitting the climax of the story, so it's all actiony and things are happening and this weird guy named Ulrrick just showed up and I snicker every time I type his name. This is where I'm pretty solid with what is happening and what is going to happen, though the details, of course, are coming as I write. But it's a good place to hit at this point in the month, because I'm really feeling like it won't be a problem to actually win this year! I've been holding steady at various levels of being behind all month, but never let myself get to the point where I was ready to despair. I think 4 days behind was the worst that it got and 2 days of burst writing got me back into the game.

The absolute best thing is that I'm kind of in love with this WIP even though the middle is SO rough and I've been writing out of order and I think I have people alive when they should be dead and dead when they should be alive, but I don't care, because the scenes are getting written and after November is over I can go back and outline and rewrite and figure out what the hay bale is missing and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THAT. More than I've ever ever been before.

How is your NaNo journey? Are you despairing? Excited? Already done?! (you overachiever you)

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Jemi Fraser said...

I'm terrified of writing out of order! I'm so impressed you can do it!!

I finished up my 50k on Saturday, but I'm nowhere near the end of the story. I think I'll need to do some serious trimming later on!