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Friday, June 17, 2011

Something Random for Your Friday

I was totally going to finally have my Polaris post up from our trip *cough*last year*cough* BUT I didn't quite get to finish it. So next week. Promise (see, now I have to do it).

So instead I decided to do something random. Because there isn't ever any of that over here. *sarcastafont engage*

Except I honestly can't think of anything random.

Boring, huh? Aren't you glad you came all the way over here?

oh! I know. Last night we went to the carnival that always comes through on Father's Day weekend. We don't ride the ... rides (that sounded redundant) normally (Naomi was a big fat rebel and actually rode some yesterday). No. We go to a carnival for the FOOD.

My top favorite carnival foods in no particular order:
1. FUNNEL CAKES - no fried dough here people. No, it has to be the funnel cake. The crispy, fried, delectable goody covered with enough powdered sugar to choke you. Nothing better.

2. Chicken Gyros - oh. my. goodness. I love these pita filled wonders with their yummy chicken and their crisp lettuce and juicy tomatoes and drippy cucumber sauce. *drool*

3. Ribbon Chips - these are a dying breed. I haven't seen them for like 2 years. The curls, the crisps, the fake cheese sauce that burns your mouth and tastes oh so good!
And that's all I've got. What's your favorite fair or carnival food? *props chin on hands* *waits*


Elizabeth Ann said...

You are making me hungry! I can't wait to go to a carnival with the kids. :)

aLmYbNeNr said...

Um..omg...I totally need a funnel cake right NOW! :)

Marebabe said...

I’ll tell you WHAT. If you’re ever strolling along the Midway of Life and see a vendor selling Fried Twinkies, get on over there and getcha some. They are delicate and wonderful, and served with a raspberry sauce, and they would be considered positively gourmet if you didn’t eat them with a plastic fork. I want one, right now. I MEAN IT!!

We also look forward to the smoked turkey legs (messy), roasted corn on the cob (super-messy), and of course, funnel cakes (extra sugar, please!) As an experienced Fair-goer, I always have moist towelettes and floss picks in my bag. :)