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Friday, June 24, 2011


I promised AGES and AGES ago to post about this and now it's almost a whole year later.

But that's okay, because I still want to tell you all about it and it's not too late to plan to come this year! But more on that later...

Naomi and I heard about Polaris through the amazing Nikki Stafford as she was one of the author guests last year. (I keep hoping she'll be there again this year, but no word yet *crosses fingers*)

Polaris is basically a sci-fi/fantasy convention that covers books, movies, tv shows, fandoms, etc. etc. etc. It is big enough to attract some really great author and actor guests, but small enough that you feel right at home and the panels are small enough you can actually say something and easily engage in the discussions. I loved pretty much every second of it.
Get ready for some pictures!

 Naomi likes to take pictures of people eating. Also food.
 See? food...
Naomi by the TARDIS! We'd barely started Dr. Who at this point. The Friday night party was all Dr. Who themed and now that I'm a regular Whovian I wish we'd come prepared!
 We stayed at the Sheraton where the conference was held. It was really nice, but we had to walk down like 3 halls like this to get to our room. It felt like it went on forever (in a good way)

 This was a steampunk fashion show. So cool.
 We met up with some of the Nik at Niters for dinner on Saturday. This was the coolest Coke bottle chandelier!
 Some of the Nik at Niters! So nice to put names to faces :D
 Naomi and I with the lovely Nikki Stafford! This was the second time we'd had a chance to meet her and it was such fun.
 Naomi and I went all out on the costumes for Sunday (I made both of them, finally getting a chance to put my sewing skills to good use) I went as Delenn from Babylon 5 and Naomi was an elf or something. People kept guessing different random things. She just wanted the sleeves :)
 Nature meets ... machine? Loved this little Wall-E that was randomly in our hotel hall!
 Scary elf!
 I love those sleeves. Love them.
 And me. This was a fountain near one of the entrances to the hotel. Sunday, everything finishes around noonish, but we stayed through till Monday so we wouldn't have to drive 8 hours on exhaustion. So we walked around and took random pictures.

 Loved this cabinet
I remember now why I didn't put this up right after we went. It was because I had put together some of the video we took, but YouTube wouldn't upload it for FOREVER. So. I will post one here and the others I will post tomorrow. Tomorrow I will also tell you a little about the panels we got to join in on AND give you the scoop on this year!

So I leave you in suspense with this...

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