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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Retail Wednesday for You and Me

Um. Yeah. It gets hard to come up with clever titles after a while.

But LOOK! It's BACK! Retail Wednesday has returned to your computer screen! Aren't you excited?! Aren't you dancing with glee!
Okay. Maybe not. Maybe it's just me :D

For those of you that might be new here (though I don't know if there are any of you) I work at a Borders and a while ago I decided rather than getting annoyed at people I should just write down their stories and make myself (and others) laugh about it. Because people are crazy. And I am a writer. And this is FAR more therapeutic than spitting in their coffee. (not that I would do that. I don't work in the cafe. ;)


Book Titles That Make Me Laugh Award:

I saw this on an endcap and did a double take. Yes. Yes, this is actually a book.

The perfect answer for the allergic type I guess? I love that they are PEDIGREE POOCHES. No mutts for this knitter. No. Sir.

Private Amusement Award:

I answered the phone.

Woman: Hello, I was looking for a specific book.
Me: Okay, what book?
Woman: I was looking for a Super Horoscope book. I need Gemini and Scorpio.
Me: Hold on just a second and I'll see if we have them.
I put her on hold, but as I was trying to check, another customer accosted me and refused to leave me alone until I answered their question. I finally make it to the section, discover that we only have Gemini and return to the phone.
Me: Sorry for the wait.
Woman: Oh, that's okay. My psychic told me that I'd have to wait today.

Me: (to myself - why couldn't your psychic tell you if we'd have the books in stock?)
The best thing is that I found this on a psychic blog!
But seriously. I don't believe in the whole psychic/astrology thing, but if it made more people this patient I wouldn't mind.

Outright Bizarre Award:

Our deposits are picked up by Loomis, the armored car company. We have had the same guy forever and he's super nice. He walked into the store with his little cart with our change order on it. A customer looks over as we walk by.

Man: Hey, is that for me? (grins)
Loomis: Only if you want to go to the state prison. (smiles back)
Man: Oh, I've already been there. (turns back to browsing)
Me: !!!!!!!!

And that's it for today! Thanks for stopping by :D


Laura Marcella said...

I love love love the guinea pig photo! I had guinea pigs when I was a kid. They're so cute and chubby and friendly!

The psychic one cracked me up! I'm glad to hear your Borders is still alive and kicking. The three closest to me all shut down, including the awesome express store down the street from me. Now a bookstore I never heard of is in its place, so that's a relief. But I miss my Borders!

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

Laura Mecella said everything i wanted to say. Except we still have Gpigs in our house - 3, and one of them is a naked pig name Harriet B Suit (because she's a hairless pigger)