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Friday, November 19, 2010

NaNoWriMo Update: Day 15-17

I haven't been avoiding you because I haven't been writing. I've actually been avoiding you because I HAVE been writing. Night continues to be pretty much the only time that I can fit my NaNoWriMo time in and usually by the time I write as much as I can, my eyes are crossing and my brain has ceased to function and if I came over here to update you would probably get sentences like:

Tuesday Layla gnomed a magic chimney wing and kiwi up the secret asparagus cook.

So you can see why I haven't posted. But I wanted to let you know that it's going.

I passed the half way mark, which completely shocked me. I almost caught up (only 800 words away) and then I flamed out again (stupid research paper). I've introduced the villain, though he hasn't really done anything yet... that we know of. And am now in the middle of a gnome invasion, which is adding a lot of tension, hero development and word count. So all good things.

Quick look at my standings and then I'm off to tap out 100 words or so before my brain falls out.

OH! I also discovered that I can actually TYPE IN MY SLEEP! Isn't that amazing?! The only thing is, that everything I write, though it is real words, makes no sense whatsoever. I was also too out of it to realize that those words needed to be saved for posterity so I could show you all how ridiculous my subconscious is and I deleted the sections before saving and closing - most of which I think I did in my sleep too.


I am at: 27,968
Should be: 30,006
2,038 words behind


That is pretty cool people. Pretty. Cool.


Darby Karchut said...

You are a champion! And sleep is waaaaa over-rated!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

First of all, I can barely type through my annoyance... Layla wasn't supposed to gnome until WEDNESDAY. *SIGH* Way to jump the gun, Lay. >:(

Anywho. I have a bad sore throat from either sick first graders or nonstop talking for days of parent conferences or both, so...

(that was me fingerspelling a NaNo cheer for you, because sign language is a talent you totally didn't know I had but I do! Well, a little bit. But I can fingerspell fluently.)

Blam said...

Tuesday Layla gnomed a magic chimney wing and kiwi up the secret asparagus cook.

I'm not sure why, but if you say that in an Australian accent it totally sounds like it makes sense.

Good luck with school, and in the immortal words of Mork from Ork...


... No, I just can't do it.

VW: duractr — A really stupid piece of farming equipment.

Blam said...

DWAP: But I can fingerspell fluently.

That sounds more than vaguely profane. Maybe because I know you're from Upper Darby...

VW: ressu — Scooby-Doo's response to a sneeze.

Rebecca T. said...

By the By, I think DWAP should totally be Lindsey's new screen name :)