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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Flash Fiction Challenge

As if I wasn't already doing enough, I decided to join in Regan Leigh's flash fiction challenge. We got a prompt at midnight and had 90 minutes to write and post something. I worked my toe off in NaNo today - nearly catching up - almost to 42,000 - and it was really invigorating to write something that was totally outside of my novel.

The prompt was: DETOUR

So I just started writing and this is what happened - un-edited and done in about 75 minutes. Enjoy! And run over HERE to check out the other people that joined in on the challenge so you can read what they've written!

Update: I removed this for a couple of reasons, so if you happen to be stopping by a post this far back, well, go check out the other entries!


Amanda said...

Ooo! I love fairy tale retellings!!! I'm dying to know where this is headed! Mean to stop where you did. :-P

Regan Leigh said...

Haha, nice story and incorporation of the fairy tale. :) And you DID leave us on a cliff, didn't you? :D Good job, and holy crap how did you write so much so fast?! lol

Rebecca T. said...

Thanks guys! This was such a fun thing to do! Unfortunately I don't think there is any more. It's a lot darker than my usual fare, but I likes it! I think I'll pull it down in a day or two and work on some revision.

Have no idea how I wrote so much so fast. Just got into the groove, figured out where the story was going and wanted to get there.

I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for more challenges like this in the future :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, Val and Greta stew. Delicious! That was a darkly fun spin on a classic tale. I liked how you worked in the gingerbread and both the names Hansel and Greta for Gretl.

And I'm with Regan in my amazement at how many word you cranked out so fast.

Well done!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Yooooiks! I could smell that gingerbread. Which is a feat since I have a sinus infection and can't smell a darn thing. :) Very nicely done, I wanted to jump in and warn them! I love ff :)

Since you're so VERSATILE, writing NaNo and flash fic at the same darn time... go pick up your award over at Le Dange. ;)

wv: animig (totally an anime pig. Duh.)

Darby Karchut said...

Noooo! Run, girls, run!!
(Always, ALWAYS, avoid the cute cottage in the deep woods!)

Sweet story!

Jemi Fraser said...

Great job! I was screaming at them to not go in but they just wouldn't listen!!!

Love this line -- If I’d been in a fairy tale I would have taken the darker path, because the lighter ones were always the illusions

Naomi Ruth said...

ahahaha.... Amazing! I love that ending there. *cackles*

Blam said...

Ooh... "(Trying to Feed an) Inquisitive Squirrel" is one of my favorite Deflated Ghost Chicken tunes!

"I would let you call your parents, but the phone has been down all day."


"Mr. Hansel"


Nice job!

VW: ressecti — Hermione's favorite spell in Wizarding Biology. (The frogs are still dead, but at least they're back in one piece.)