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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Watch Out

Castle continues to be my favorite new show. The new season just keeps getting better and better. Every episode adds more layers and more complications onto these characters and I love them even more.

The last two episodes in particular were fantastic. Last week with "A Rose for Everafter" they really gave us a good look at the real Richard Castle we all know is in that shallow sugar coating. We get glimpses of it in his interaction with his daughter and with his mom and during the season finale we saw it in connection to Beckett, but this time we got a chance to see that there is a solid man in there that wants something real and genuine. I already love the character (and of course Nathan Fillion is adorable!) but this just added to him.

This week with "Sucker Punch", not only do we get more of Castle's development, but we finally get another piece of Beckett's story. And how happy was I to see Robert Picardo reprise his guest appearance!? Stana's acting in this episode was superb. The tension, horror, resolve, and loss she showed in her expressions had me in tears. There were a lot of close ups of her face, and in particular her eyes and for good reason. They were telling the story of everything going on inside of her cool exterior. Seeing her walk away and admit that she couldn't handle it was so honest, but coming back to finish it out was completely believable as well. Then ending with her admission to Castle that she'd gotten used to him "yanking her pigtails" was utterly charming.

This show makes me happy every time I watch an episode and I am so glad it's continuing on. Here's hoping we have many seasons to go.

In other TV news, I have now become addicted to Scrubs. My sister and I caught a couple of episodes of reruns about six months ago and laughed ourselves silly. My Lost acolyte has every season, so whilst I lend him Lost, he lends me Scrubs. Can I please just say how much I love Dr. Cox!

At the end of last season I started watching the episodes online and I was so sad to think that the show was over just as I discovered it, but of course, it's back this season with additional cast and a new twist. I am loving it. Lucy makes a great "main" character, filling in for JD with just enough similarities to make her recognizable but different enough to make it fresh and new. The supporting cast continue to surprise me and it's fantastic to get to see more Dr. Cox, Dr. Turk and drop ins from JD, Elliot, Jordan and Kelso (to name a few).

It's perfect for giving me my laugh quotient for the day and I am so glad I didn't have to bid farewell to these characters just yet.


Teebore said...

Castle is pretty fantastic. I loved the last ep, and I thought that final scene between the two of them went a long way towards establishing a working relationship between the two wherein it's less about Castle getting inspired for a book as it about Castle helping Beckett solve crimes (which is how it's been for awhile, but it's nice to see the characters acknowledge it).

Also, Scrubs is awesome. My wife and I have been watching it on DVD and are through the first three seasons.

Blam said...

I've never got into Scrubs in large part because I can't stand Dr. Cox. Yes, I know he's supposed to be insufferable, but, really I can't even watch him.
As far as Castle goes, well, I think you know what I think. 8^) Sorry; I'm really behind on checking out pals' blogs lately, as evidenced by having posts bookmarked for response that are now weeks old, from your book lists to Ashlie's sleeping adventures to whatever crazy shtuff Joan Crawford's doing.
Verification word: amingi -- French friends of the Ferengi?

Blam said...

Hey, Sonshine: I don't know if you subscribed to the comments on my last Castle review or check back or whatever, but a friend of mine posted soliciting possible questions for the cast and crew.