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Monday, January 25, 2010

Batcabbage VS Humanebean

This is probably the MOST ridiculous 2 minutes of video you will ever watch and is the kind of thing that happens when my sister and I spend WAY too much time together talking about blogs and Lost and stuff.

Pretty much no one but the people on Nikki's blog are going to get any of this - it's basically a giant inside joke - but here's the basic background for those of you who missed it.....

(Conversation pieces taken from Nikki's rewatch blog)

Nikki: I want to thank all of you for keeping up with all of this, for reading my books along the way, for offering so much insight, and for not having one SINGLE war. Not one. For a show that could create such heated debate, we somehow managed to do this from beginning to end without ever devolving into a bunch of namecalling. (Well, except for the time that Batcabbage and Humanebean had that smackdown, but that was just entertaining!!)

Batcabbage: humane must have won the smackdown, coz I can't remember it. Must have been a head shot. Also, I forgot my middle name, but I hear that's to be expected. Kudos, humane. Kudos!

Humanebean: &^%$ all you @&#$%ing $#&@*ers!!! *phew* Gosh, that felt good. Imagine waiting over 100 episodes to let out all those fabulous curses? Now, about whether Kate and Jack should wind up together ......
*sound of gunshot*
; ]
P.S. @batcabbage - oh, it was a lovely brawl. I think you bashed me with the flower pot and then I ninja-kicked you off the balcony. When the ambulance arrived and they hit you up with the ephedrine, you attempted to remove my spleen with a melon spoon. I, of course, smoked you with a double-finger-poke, half-twist and scored a solid 10.0 on the dismount.
Then, we finished the other bottle of tequila and called it a Rewatch. Ah, good times, good times...

Well, we were lucky enough to actually get that fight on tape! Luck you ask? No, just plain, unadulterated insanity.

So look if you dare.

(P.S. we're not so good with the high tech stuff so think a couple of hours with a digital camera and Movie Maker rather than the next Pixar film)


Joan Crawford said...

This is hilarious! Good work, you two!

I love the "Eh?" at the end :D

AchingHope said...

Ah, the brilliance of it all is overwhelming. :)

"I am the dancing cabbage, I am the dancing cabbage..."

humanebean said...
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humanebean said...

You guys are the BOMB, yo.

Well played, m'ladies .... well played!
; ]

Blam said...

As a wise woman once said, 'Oh. My. Werd."
Who the heck was that cackling dude at the end?

Evil Blam said...

Defiler! Defiiiilerrrrrrr!!!

Evil Blam said...


humanebean said...

To paraphrase Paul Simon, "still brilliant after all these years"!

; )