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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

All right, I admit it - I am a Gleek!

I started watching this show for the music, and for a while, that was all that kept me coming back. Then they really started to layer the characters and I was hooked.

They definitely left the first part with a good question and I really want to know how it will all play out.


Although I love Emma, I didn't like being set up to hope that Will's marriage would end. But then they started to develop Terri's character and I started to sympathize with her. Did she do the right thing? Absolutely not, but Will was allowing himself to use Emma as his emotional outlet rather than his wife and Terri didn't help herself with her attitude and her lies. It was all just a big mess. Even now, although Will kissed Emma, he's still married to Terri.

One of the things that bothers me the most - not just about Glee, but about movies and tv shows in general, is how much relationships are based on feelings. Will looks at Terri and says he doesn't "feel" that spark of love for her anymore. However, he "feels" close to Emma. Love isn't a feeling. Love is an action and neither Terri, nor Will have shown love for each other for a while.

Then you have the Quinn, Finn, Puck triangle almost mirroring the adult mess.

Oh goodness, it's all a jumble, but I am hooked on these characters and really want to know how all of this is going to work out. Plus, I'm always ready for more musical numbers. They make me smile.

I bought both Glee soundtracks and made a mix for playing at work and it just makes my day a little brighter every time I put it on.

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