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Friday, January 15, 2010

Benjamin Linus.....

In hats?

Okay, so usually when I find something LOL worthy related to Lost, I send it over to Nikki Stafford, because her blog rocks my socks. But then I thought... why shouldn't I post it here? So I will.

I regularly visit the Ack Attack, because she regularly makes me laugh milk through my nose and she had a link to this most ridiculous site about Ben Linus in Hats. The Batman and Robin is probably one of my favorites so far. Absolutely redunkulous. Go to the site for the caption and other hysterical renderings :D

“Gee willikers Ben, Commissioner Jacob said should move the island” -John “Robin” Locke


AchingHope said...

Oh my.

Oh... oh my.

Verif Word: dwables, muttering and drooling simultaneously

Joan Crawford said...

Bwaha! I love these! I really like the one of Ben in the Fluffy Bunny cap :)