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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Castle is Back!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! I just bought the first season on DVD so I can share it with my family and now the new season has begun! SO glad this show didn't get dumped after 1 season. I was scared since there was so little buzz about it. Hopefully it gets picked up more this season - Monk is almost over and this could fill that murder/comedy slot.

Last season ended with an emotional cliffhanger rather than a physical one and it was much more fitting to the first season.

Now on to season 2: Deep in Death. - SPOILERS AHEAD!

Favorite Quotes::
"I could buy you a pony!"

"Be my usual charming self"
"What about plan b?"

"Somebody hated his guts." (after discovering that the organs had been harvested from the body)

Nathan Fillion is brilliant in this episode, straying from the constant wise guy attitude from season 1, he shows his concern for what he's done to Beckett while still throwing out those hysterical one liners that help make the show what it is. As much fun as season 1 was, this episode set the stage for an even better second season. Fillion adds depth to Castle's character that will help to enhance, not only the show, but also the interaction between him and Beckett.

I also love (as always) the interaction between him and his daughter. The relationship is sweet and almost, but not quite, turned on its head. She is a grounded, steady girl who helps bring stability into his life and helps him to be a little more grounded than he would without her anchor in his life. And of course, she always manages to say the right thing to show him what he's missed. The nice thing is that she usually isn't talking about his situation, but Castle is open enough to see the truth in what she says and to realize how it impacts him and then do something about it. Castle may be a tad dense (what man isn't, especially when it comes to women? :P) but he certainly isn't slow or stupid.

two thumbs up and I can't wait for the next episode!

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Blam said...

I think the witty dialogue and the father/daughter relationship really make the show. My favorite line so far, from last season, combines the two: After Castle asks his daughter how exams are going and she mentions The Scarlet Letter: "The irony is, for you, not getting an A would be a badge of shame." It's almost a throwaway line, but it was brilliant.