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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Lost Trinity

Someone over on Nikki Stafford's blog mentioned that they kind of consider Christian to be the "Holy Ghost" figure of Lost. You know, guiding, directing, leading people the way they're supposed to go.

I was thinking about that today and, sacrilegious as it may seem, I've come up with the "trinity" of Lost. With a few addendum characters.

Holy Ghost: Christian. I think they've got that one.

The Son: Locke. Obviously. I mean, he dies and then comes back to life and shows himself to people. He's always trying to lead people into the truth of the Island.

The Father: Jacob/the Island. He can't be seen. He only reveals himself to a few people - most of whom make sense- Locke, Ben (he'll make sense in a minute), Christian.

Satan: Ben. Haha. He is the ultimate deceiver, always bringing temptation into people's lives. It even shows in his reaction to Jacob. He reveres him, but mocks him. He does his best to keep everyone else away from Jacob.

Gabriel: Richard! He is the messenger angel. He does the bidding....Actually, wait. He helps both sides out. Or so it seems. I mean, there are definitely times it looks like he's working for Ben. Okay, Richard requires a little more thought.

Anyway. There's my thoughts on this.

Actually, on further thought and further blogging, I have changed my mind about Ben. He is not Satan, but the antiChrist. He took over where Locke was supposed to be the leader. He (hopefully) miraculously recovers from being shot by Sayid. This could have some major ramifications for his "specialness" in the eyes of the Others. Perhaps it is one way that he comes in as a leader, much the way the antiChrist is supposed to.


Blam said...

Richard could be the Wandering Jew. Maybe he's so long-lived because he didn't believe in the Island or it's chosen leader ages ago and now must wait until the Second Coming, living among others but doomed to be somewhat of an observer. You can be sure he wants it to be John if that's the case.

Blam said...

I know that I'm replying to an old post, but with Nikki away and only a clip show this week I thought Why not check out the blogs of our fellow commenters?

SonshineMusic said...

Hey, that's cool. I was so excited to actually see comments here :)