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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is it time yet?

I understand that time travel is confusing. I understand that it makes everyone's head (including mine) feel like exploding. However, there are certain rules about it and it really should not give writers carte blanche to throw in whatever story line they want.

I love Lost. I love the writers on Lost. I love following Lost and putting together the pieces. I have faith that the writers are going to put most of these pieces together. But I have a few nitpicky things about time travel that I would just like to air.

It isn't consistant! Or it seems not to be.

When the Dharma Initiative is on the island there is no significant difference between time on the Island and time off the Island. They come and go regularly and don't seem to have a problem finding the Island. Travel to and from the Island is common place. No big deal.

When flight 815 lands, it appears that the plane has crashed in the same time period as when it left Sydney. I back this up by the fact that Juliet was recruited by the others 3 years before the Losties landed and Ethan was there, off Island, when that happened. He does not look much different than he does when he infiltrates the Losties, so three years makes sense to have passed.

When the freighter comes Daniel does some scientific tests and discovers that Island time is slightly different from off Island time. Not a major difference, but still a difference. We also know, because Lapidus (I think) tells us that it is hard to find the island. He has to use strict coordinates to get from the freighter to the Island and back again.

Here's one theory I'm throwing out there. It's all Ben's fault. :) And Locke's. :)
He tricks Charles into turning the wheel and leaving the Island. This is when the Island first starts to go a little funky. Now there is a slight time difference.

Enter the Losties, exit Desmond, return Desmond... Locke decides that the button isn't real and refuses to push it. The hatch im/explodes and the sky turns purple. Now the donkey wheel is messed up worse than when Charles left.

Jacob knows that Ben is not the right leader. He took the position from Charles and now he's trying to keep Locke from becoming the leader. Jacob tells Locke to turn the wheel to set everything right. Ben, as always, takes over and decides to turn the wheel instead. He pops it loose and now it's bouncing all over the place like insanity. Until Locke turns it and it goes back to real time.

The only problem is that the real time is in the 1970's. Okay fine. Now we can learn more about Dharma. Whatever. Ummmmmm, but the Oceanic 6 is in like 2007 and trying to get back to the island. They figure out where the island is going to be and fly over it. There is a flash and suddenly, at least three of them, are transported magically to the 70's as well?!


If the wheel is fixed, shouldn't new people landing on the island end up in their own time period? That's what happened at the beginning when 815 crashed. Something just doesn't add up in my head for that.

There's more, but my brain just completely shut down, so perhaps I shall add it later if I can crystalize my thoughts.

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