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Monday, January 23, 2012

Buckets of Tears or Don't Read this Book While Driving

So my original title for this post was Tears and Snot and Drool, but I though that was a bit disgusting for a post title. So instead I subject you to it in the first line. Classy, no?

I drive over 2 and a half hours 3-4 days a week commuting to school. Most of the time I really don't mind it and when people ask how I can stand it I have two words for them: Audio Books.

I can't even begin to tell you how many books I have managed to read over the last year and a half by listening to them.

However, sometimes this can cause problems. Such as when I listened to the ending of Bridge to Terabithia. I have read this book multiple times. I have seen a couple different movie versions of it. I ALWAYS CRY. I am a crier. I freely admit this.
But usually I just kind of tear up. Or have the silent tear trickle. I honestly can't think of ANY book or movie that has ever made me sob the kinds of body shaking sobs that Bridge to Terabithia does.

Until now.


11-year-old Aubrey has everything she needs: food, a house, and a new family - her beta fish Sammy. A tragic accident has taken her family away and when Aubrey has to move in with her grandmother one of the only ways she can express what she's going through is writing letters. But as she develops a friendship with the girl her age next door and gets to know her grandmother better, Aubrey slowly learns that maybe she's not so alone after all.

Aubrey's grief is so raw and so harshly painful that I found myself literally gasping with sobs. Part of the experience is listening to the amazing performance of Becca Battoe. She captures the voice of Aubrey so well and does remarkable justice to Suzanne LaFleur's beautiful prose.

Perhaps you think my adjectives are a bit too glowing? Go read, or better yet, listen to this book. I guarantee it will touch your heart. I can't get it out of my mind and I can't wait to get in my car tomorrow so I can hear the rest.


Summer Frey said...

I have four hours of commuting every week too, and I also do the audio book thing. Honestly, I look forward to it sometimes, when I'm so hooked in the story that I want to go sit in the car and crank it up just to listen (but I don't--only for driving!) I'm a fan of lighter stuff, usually, when driving, but I've listened to a couple tear-jerks and thrillers, too. I loved listening to Christopher Moore's books--they're so funny, and the readers are incredible. A good reader really can make an audiobook shine (and break a bad one).

My problem is just choosing what to listen to! My library has tons of books on CD, but I never know what to pick...

Naomi Ruth said...

Ehhhhhhh.... I don't want to cry :*( But now I want to read this book. You're so mean.

And you are always classy.

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