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Monday, February 6, 2012

Is Flashing the New Honking?

As a commuter I've noticed a strange new and bothersome trend. This happened both on our family's long drive from New York to North Carolina over Christmas break as well as driving around the highway near my house.

When I do something that annoys another driver (aka only going 6 miles over the speed limit instead of 24) they flash their lights at me. Repeatedly.

Let me give you a for instance.

I'm on a 4 lane highway. There is a semi in front of me that's going just under the speed limit. There's plenty of space so I pull into the left lane to pass. I'm about half way past the truck when we head down a hill so, of course, the truck picks up speed, but not enough for me to get back behind him. Meanwhile a car has come flying down the highway behind me and had to slam on the brakes as he comes up behind me, his nose nearly on my bumper.

Get the picture:
Do you like my fancy diagram?
I pick up a little speed, but I'm really not comfortable going like 80 in a 65 so I'm maintaining speed and slowly creeping ahead on the semi, getting ready to pass it.

So what does the car behind me do? Well, it's certainly not a honking offense. So instead he gets all passive-agressive and starts flashing his lights at me. Over. And over. As if he can't tell that there is a MASSIVE TRUCK NEXT TO ME and I have nowhere to GO.

And his light flashing is so distracting in my rearview mirror that it's making it hard for me to concentrate on passing the truck.

What is up with this?

People. Let's not flash if we wouldn't honk. It's not any better. We all know you really want to just blast your horn. So do it or chill.

Preferably chill.


Joan Crawford said...

What a fancy diagram! I haven't had anyone flash their lights at me but I was flipped off while in Boston... and I was in the back of the car, haha!

A few weeks back, I got really annoyed at some youths who were standing idly in the road and not allowing cars to pass easily and so I decided to lay on the horn when it was my turn to go by them... only, I wish I had tested the horn ahead of time because instead of it being the Horn of Justice like I wanted it to be, it was more the Sad Little Horn of Ineffectualness.

Alan Andrews said...

That's a relief. I was expecting a completely different kind of flashing.