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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Finding Myself In Retail Again

Happy Wednesday all!

Well, we survived the ice/snowpocalypse and didn't even lose power (yet) and hopefully won't. It seems to have stopped precipitating and I really hope it doesn't start up again.

I'm the geek that doesn't want classes to be canceled. Again.

Now that I've bored you with random information, on to the awards!

My Bad Award:

A gentleman approached me and asked for help finding a book on musicians.

Me: Is there a particular book that you're looking for?

Man: Yes, I want a book that lists the top rock artists.

Me: Okay, sure. That would be back in media.

Man: But I want one that only lists the dead ones.


Man: You know, like an encyclopedia of dead rock stars. I have one that lists a bunch of different people, but I want one with more information.

Me: I don't think I've ever seen anything like that (I point to a rock encyclopedia) We have a few things like this, but I'm not familiar with anything just with dead ... ones.

Man: Well, I'll just look around and see if I can find anything.

Me: All right (to myself: WEIRDO)

Then I help some other customers and then get called up for register backup. The gentleman gets in line and happens to come to my register. Guess what he found?

Okay, so I don't know everything. But honestly, that is a WEIRD BOOK.

Phone Freak Award:

I answer the phone.

Guy: I was wondering if you had the new Wimpy Kid book.

Me: We have the one that just came out, the purple one.

Guy: No, I have that one, I want the new one.

Me: The purple one is the newest one.

Guy: Well, I want to pre-order the new one.

Me: They haven't released a title or date for the next one.

Guy: Well, can you call me when it comes out?

Me: I can't do a reserve, because it isn't in our system yet. The last one just came out about a month ago, so it will be at least six months or maybe even a year before they put out another one.

Guy: When will you know?

Me: I don't know. That's all based on the publisher. They have to tell us and I don't have any idea when that will be.

Guy: Well can you call me when you find out?

Me: I don't have any way of putting your information in for a book that isn't in our system. You can call back in a few months and see if we've heard anything.
funny pictures of cats with captions

Guy: When should I call back? Next week?

Me: No, it'll probably be a few months before we hear anything and I don't even know if we will.

Guy: So I should call back in February?

Me: It's going to be a while before we'll know anything.

Guy: Well when will you know?

Me: I don't know when we'll know (I'm feeling rather existential)

Guy: So I can call back in February?

Me: You can call back whenever, I just don't know if we'll know anything by then.

Guy: All right, thank you.

And I'm out for the week! Thank you, thank you very much!


Elena Solodow said...

I'm still not clear on why you couldn't help him with the Wimpy Kid issue...

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

LOL! Like you're psychic and can see book futures.
Also, i love that the rock guy found the perfect book

Caroline said...

Ohhh, I think the demon ghosts of Rock Stars Past apparated that book onto the shelf just to thwart you. How hilarious is that?

It's been fifteen years since I worked in a bookstore, but your stories take me back. These people never change (except to demand more from you now that you have high tech tools).

Rebecca T. said...

@Elena: I'm assuming you're being sarcastic. Right? RIGHT?! ahem.

@Sarah: We need crystal balls, not computers, apparently. That would be so cool.

@Caroline: I think they did! I couldn't believe that he found that! Now I know.

Anonymous said...

Hey, guy requesting Wimpy Kid didn't ask if you have long nails did he? Because that sounds a lot like T (name edited to protect the creepy). And if you haven't heard about T, he's a great Retail Wednesday story. -JennN

Marebabe said...

I get such a kick out of your Retail Wednesday stories! And I'd just like to say that every time I visit this blog, I pause awhile to "feed da fishies". They're little eating machines, aren't they!

VW: prout - vain and self-important trout. (speaking of fishies...)

Dangerous With a Pen said...

GNC totally knew about that dead rock stars book. In fact, she wrote it. I tried to tell her Jeremy Simmonds was a dumb pseudonym, but by now you are probably learning that she has a bit of a stubborn streak. She also thinks that... um... statue? planter? on the cover is very cool and she would appreciate it if you would pick one up to put next to her on the shelf. (or in a box in your closet or wherever she ended up).

Hehehehe about Wimpy Kid. Wimpy Kid is my new nemesis, the one first grade parents do not seem to understand is A) too difficult reading level-wise and B) not very appropriate content-wise (in my opinion) for a 6 year old. Oh, the wars I wage... :)

Melissa said...

Ummmm... I think phone guy is seriously missing the point of what you were saying!

Also a book on only dead rockstars??? That is STRANGE

j.m. neeb said...

The recipient of the Phone Freak Award sounds like a pretty smart fellow... :) (I loved the existential comment!)

Rebecca T. said...

@JennN: Ooh, do tell... you'll have to let me know next time I see you. Or send it to me on FB :D

@Marebabe: HI! I love my little fishies. Feeding them can be quite addictive!

@Lindsey: That GNB. She's quite the troublemaker. Also, Wimpy Kid is our nemesis, because they all want something just like it, but there really isn't anything exactly like it and they (both children AND adults) get annoyed that we don't have anything to offer.

@Melissa: Strange indeed. I honestly didn't feel bad that I had no answer for that one. But glad he found something.

@j.m. neeb: Hey, the duck guy's back! :D When I heard myself using the word "know" 4 times in one sentence *I* was starting to get confused.

Mia Hayson said...

Hahahahaa. Great Retail Wednesday! OMGG. I love how you explained it would be a WHILE, like A LONG WHILE and probably more than a few months and he still insisted on calling back in Feb.

Maybe he has a really good call plan for that month?

Naomi Ruth said...

Ahahahaha... Oh dear. I worry about these people sometimes. Where do their brains go?

And as for the Dead Rock Stars... So. Strange.

Rebecca T. said...

@Mia: That must be the reason!

@Naomi: People=strange

GMR said...

LOL! I think your customers and ours should get together some time. Would provide for QUITE the entertainment. ^_^