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Friday, January 21, 2011

What Dreams Are Made Of?

No, like for reals. Probably the most random post I've ever written.
I am not one to normally remember my dreams. In fact, I don't normally even remember dreaming and if I do, it's usually just this really strong emotional response, but I rarely remember details. Which is why I had to share this.

Especially since it was one of the most mixed up and hilarious mashes of a dream I think I've ever had. (that I remember)(of course there was that one about a yak...)

Mainly I find this so hilarious because of the random media references. Who's been watching too much TV? *waves hand in the air*

I dreamt that I was running away from somebody. Like, terrified-running-for-your-life, running. Which in the middle of my dream made me think of Dr. Who. Yes. Dr. Who. Because recently we saw an episode where either Martha or Donna says, "And there's a lot of running involved."
Running. Always Running!
Random, right?

I haven't even started.

So then I have a teddy bear and I think that there's some sort of special message in the bear, but only one person can help me figure it out and she just happens to live in same house where the guy I'm running from lives. (convenient, right?)
The Bear holds ALL the secrets!
So I sneak in against the recommendations of my friends (who only show up to try to stop me from going and then are never seen again. Thanks a lot, guys.) and manage to find this woman who randomly looks like an adjunct in the department where I teach. But she won't tell me anything because the room is bugged. So I just leave. (ummm... sure) But on the way out, the guy I'm running from sees me (of course).

So I start running again. Like seriously running. Down this dirt road and the guy is chasing me and he looks a lot like.... wait for it....

Benjamin Linus. Say what?
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Then, by the magic of dream logic, I am suddenly in a car - a jeep - with the guy's son.
Always a good getaway car, right?
Who is my age and decides he wants to help me. (yeah!) But then I catch him making signals to his dad and he was double crossing me all along (jerk). So when we stop at a rest stop I sneak out the back of the gas station and start running through the woods. (perfectly logical) (do gas stations HAVE back entrances? I feel a sudden urge to know this! Maybe it depends on the gas station.) And of course they're chasing me again.

So I wake up with my heart racing and I'm literally out of breath.

And the worst part is? I can't even get a short story out of it.

But I figured it'd make a pretty random Friday post :P

Happy Weekend!

(well it IS called Friday Randomosities emphasis on the RANDOM)


Stina Lindenblatt said...

I usually only remember the running dreams, too. I even looked them up on a some dream analysis website for a book I was working on. In the end, the dream analysis scene was cut. Can't remember what it meant, other than you're running away from something. No duh! :D

Christine Danek said...

Oh you could totally make that a short story out of that. Because out of that back entrance could be a door to a parallel universe where the people look like...see you could totally keep going with it. I forget a lot of my dreams especially the ones where I'm totally freaked out and running.
HAve a great weekend!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Running dreams are the ones I remember, too! I had this one where I went to a pizza shop with my family and I was playing an arcade game (???) that was like a haunted house where you had to find stuff in each room, but the rooms were dark and piled full of stuff. Suddenly, I was IN the house in the game, running for my life, trying to find certain things in the massive clutter in each dark room, while being chased by a cerebrus kind of dog... there's more and it's just as crazy. :)

Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

awww, that sucks you don't normally remember your dreams. I remember all of mine and they are AWESOME!

Rebecca T. said...

@Stina - ha! I wonder what I'm supposedly running from? And don't you just love when you do research and then end up cutting the scene?

@Christine - HAHAHAHAHAHA! That's amazing! Sounds like I have to reconsider. I'm taking a writing workshop at school. Maybe I'll use this as inspiration for a short story after all :D

@Lindsey - I wonder why we all remember running dreams. And that dream sounds like a twisted Tron kind of thing. It would make a hilarious flash fiction - or YA novel :)

@Sarah - I know, it always bums me out. I'll be almost awake and I remember them (if i do) but as soon as I wake up, no matter how much I try to remember, I don't. I'm glad your dreams are awesome :D

Arlee Bird said...

With dreams like that you need to take a nap after you wake up so you can get some rest. There are probably many stories you could mine out of that dream, but for me the story is right there when I wake up if there is a strong story. Otherwise it's similar randomness like you've described. I love dreams.

Tossing It Out

Melissa said...

Definitely made for an interesting friday post :P

Lola Sharp said...

Oh mans, I always remember my dreams. I love dreaming. I feel bad (haz sad) you don't usually remember yours. :(

Have a wonderful weekend, Rebecca!

Caroline said...

Wow! I think there's a story in there somewhere. :)

You watch out for that red Jeep. I wrote a post about it last October. ;) It's still skulking around my neighborhood. Low Men in Red Jeeps

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Ok, that is definitely a dream of a writer! If you could just find some connective threads between everything, you'd have yourself a story! Loving the random post!

Rebecca T. said...

@Arlee: Thanks! It really was random.

@Melissa: We live to serve up some randomness!

@Lola: Normally it doesn't bother me, but when people get in discussions about their dreams I feel all out of the loop

@Caroline: That is SO Creepy/freaky about that red jeep *checks over her shoulder*

@Carolina: We writers do tend to dream in stories don't we? even if they are disjointed stories :)