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Monday, January 24, 2011

CPs, Goals, and Vampires

So today is my day to talk about reading or writing or to do a review. So I wanted to give a little update on my current WIP.

But first I just wanted to say how AMAZING all my bloggy friends are and how much y'all have helped me grow as a writer this last year or so.

Second I wanted to say that I can't believe that it's not even the end of January and I already have a fantastic Critique Partner (Lindsey, I <3 you!!!!!), but also a possibility of a second one. Last year at this time I was seriously doubting my commitment to writing. I had pretty much given up on myself as a writer.

Now I have a WIP I love, 1 (maybe 2) crit partners, and a burning desire to take this thing the whole way.


Your contests, your comments, your blogfests, your blogs, your spirit, your encouragement.


So far, I've stuck to the 100 words a day pledge that I made. Sometimes it's just barely 100 words, but I'm writing something each and every day which is a total win for me. I haven't written this much in the last 2 years. I'm up to 6500 words!

I'm falling in love with my FMC (Layla) and beginning to see how my MMC (Tavares) is going to work.

I'm finding myself VERY influenced by Mercedes Lackey's 500 kingdoms series and by Buffy the Vampire Slayer (which I am rewatching for the amazing rewatch over at Nikki Stafford's blog)

I am basically doing a blind rewrite - I know where the story is going and if I want to review a word choice or something I look at my NaNo document. But for the majority of the time I'm just writing it for the first time all over again. And it is SO much better. I did a dangerous thing on Saturday. I reread the 12 pages I've written since the beginning of January and guess what?

I still loved it. I love the changes, I love the tighter scenes. I love the way the characters are moving already. Is it perfect? No. Will I have to edit and revise and cut and rewrite? Most definitely. But that's okay, because I still love it.

Even if it does have a vampire. And no title (yet).

And just to make things interesting I thought I would post a tiny teaser.

            Erandell almost fell over the balcony. She couldn’t have heard that right.
            “Let Moira go and I will stay,” the girl said. Her voice was quiet, but firm.
            Tavares was silent and Erandell held her breath waiting to see what he would do. This whole situation was completely unprecedented. She couldn’t interfere; she could feel the enchantment holding her back and she gritted her teeth in frustration.
            “You would stay in her place?” Tavares asked.
            “She has a family that needs her.”
            “And you don’t?”
            “Are you taking my offer or not?”
            There was definitely something special about this girl with her pale green eyes. Not only had she somehow resisted the impellment charm, but she had spunk. Erandell wondered if Tavares had ever been slapped before.

So how about you? Super excited about any writing projects? Stuck in the doldrums? Cheating on your WIP with an SNI? Do tell!


Darby Karchut said...

Oh, I love the last line! Perfect. Keep a-going, girl!

Mia Hayson said...


Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

ooh no thanks on the rewrite. You are a stronger person than me.
And i had about a year or so where i gave up on me as a writer. Then it went away. Sometimes it just sneaks in

Rebecca T. said...

@Darby: Thanks! I'm rather proud of that line myself.

@Mia: haha! Short and to the point :)

@Sarah: I HAVE to rewrite it. The first draft is so horrendous. and I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one to give up. It DOES sneak in!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Wahoooo, I want to see more! :D

See, this is why we'll be good CP's... my story is a complete rewrite of a story I started and then dropped last year. I'm also not really looking back at the old parts, only now and again for word choice or reminders.

The end of the month is near!!! :D

catherine said...

Buffy is GREAT writing inspiration. If nothing else, it at least gets your brain to work a little bit (but in a fun way). :D

Rebecca T. said...

@Lindsey: The end of the month IS near *faints* You will be the first one to see everything I've written so far *is excited/nervous*

@Catherine: I was writing a bit of dialogue right after I'd watched 3 episodes of Buffy and I was like, huh. this is exactly the tone I wanted for the character and it's definitely a bit Buffy-esque. Guess I have to watch more for research, right?