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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Y: the Last Man and Fables

Up until a week ago I had barely even picked up a graphic novel, but batcabbage over at Nikki's site kept going on about Brian K. Vaughn and then Nikki read them and so I thought, well I can give it a try.

So I read the first three volumes of Y: The Last Man. I pretty much liked it. I like the story premise and I like the graphic novel aspect of it. Way too much language for my taste, but you run into that in almost any modern day novel. Not saying I like it or am okay with it, just saying it is a fact.

One of my coworkers saw me with the books and was surprised because I've said I don't read graphic novels and don't really get the big deal with them. So she said, if I'd read those, I have to read Fables, which is the one graphic novel that she's gotten into. Since we were sold out of volume 4 of Y, I figured, why not. (no pun intended ;) And now I've read the first five volumes of fables. I like this one better for many reasons. One, although there is some foul language it is at a much lesser volume than with Y, but also because it is about fairy tales and that always makes me smile.

All in all, I've changed my view on graphic novels in that I now understand the attraction, but I am definitely not going to become some sort of comic fiend and read everything. I like my plain old books better. But these are fun for a diversion, a change of pace :)

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