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Friday, April 24, 2009

Castle a best seller in my book

As soon as I saw the premise for the new ABC show, Castle, I knew I was going to like it. I mean, it's a crime show with a writer! How fantastic is that?! It combines two of my favorite things. Then I saw that it was on Monday nights and I was very sad because I have to work every Monday night.

However, thanks to the magic of the internet and the blessing of ABC airing shows on their site, I was able to catch up on it. I missed the pilot episode, but have watched every one since then.

I love this show. First off, Nathan Fillion is absolutely adorable as the never-quite-grown-up author, Richard Castle. The chemistry between him and the rest of the cast completely makes the show for me. Stana Katic as Kate Beckett provides the perfect balance and watching them play off each other is hysterical.
Even cuter is his interaction with his teenage daughter. The scenes with the two of them playing laser tag, fencing or just talking always come off wonderfully.
Then of course there is Castle's mother. She adds just the right touch of zaniness to complete the picture.
Even the secondary police officers are fantastic.

This show is full of humor, but has the right touch of poignancy to keep it grounded.

Off to a promising start, this show is well on its way to becoming one of my new favorites.

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Blam said...

I saw the premiere and liked it enough to watch the next couple episodes, but have missed it since then. Fillion and Katic are very appealing and have great chemistry, I agree; I also like Castle's relationship with his daughter -- the way the caretaker role has superficially flipped to her since he's such a kid, and the fact that ultimately he's an obviously loving and responsible single father. What I like best about the show is how much of a throwback it is to guilty pleasures from earlier decades, but the downside of its lightness is the fact that I felt okay skipping it lately.