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Friday, April 24, 2009

Julius Caesar Salad and Hamlettuce

Over on Nikki's blog Batcabbage, Blam and I have been having a grand old time with puns. It started innocently enough and I doubt that Nikki ever anticipated how far we would all run with it. So I mentioned to my family that I was trying to come up with some vegetable puns. So my wonderful father said I could always run with okra - you know, like someone going on the Okra show. Or, Kale to the chief. ::groan::
Then he went out to mow the lawn with that idea in his head and this is the tale he related to us when he came back inside. Get ready for some truly terrible puns.......

Ferns, Romaines, countrymen, lend me your ears!

The ears have been taken by Colonel Corn Wallace.

We need to retrieve them.

Who was that?

General Cabbage, head of the German brigade.

He doesn't look very happy.

He's a bit of a Saurkraut.

What does he have to be unhappy about? I heard he was running away to be married.

He cantaloupe. His sweet pea wants him to work in her father's factory.

The chicken factory outside of town?

Yes, the eggplant.

We could send spies from the purple underground.

How many should we send?

Two beets or not two beets? That is the question.

How many vegetable puns can you squash into one story?

Not enough :)

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Anonymous said...

Ya ha ha ha.... I love my father.