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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Lovely Books

I'm ba-ack.

Pete's sake. I didn't mean to be gone so long, but I feel much better after that break. Now I need to find time to visit all y'all.

I have been on a major reading binge - whipping through novels and audiobooks like nobody's business, so I thought I would share a couple of my favorites with you :)

The Amaranth Enchantment by Julie Berry. I've kind of fallen in love with Julie's writing. I started Secondhand Charm yesterday and I'm already half way through.
The Amaranth Enchantment is kind of a Cinderella twist, but so different it isn't really. If that makes any sense. Anyhoo - those of you that have been around for a while know my love for/fascination with good fairy tale-esque stories or retellings. Julie's characters are fun, resourceful, witty, and engaging.

A quick non-spoilery review. Poor Lucinda lost everything when her parents were killed in a terrible carriage accident. Sent to live with her uncle and his abrasive wife, Lucinda not only has to deal with the harsh words and blows of Aunt, but with the faint air of scandal that overhangs her parents and their death. When a ragged thief breaks into her room, a rumored witch visits the shop and leaves an unusual stone, and she has a chance encounter with the prince, who is certain they've met before, Lucinda's life takes a turn for the worse, but all of these events may just lead her back to where she belongs, if she can figure out where that is.

My favorite character in the book? Dog, Lucinda's self-appointed pet goat. How frawesome is that?!

The other book I just finished is The Fledgling by Jane Langton. Such a sweet, poignant, lyrical book. I got it on audio and it kept me enchanted all through my commute over the past week.
Georgie knows she can fly. She's sure she's done it before - or was that a dream? No. She's sure she can. Unfortunately, every time she tries she merely tumbles down the stairs until her entire family is worried that she will really hurt herself. The call of the flock of Canadian geese inspires her, and it seems like one of the geese - the most majestic and largest of all, has taken a personal interest. Set in Concord, with a background of Walden pond, and a family entrenched in the study of Henry Thoreau, Langton paints a beautiful picture of a dream that just might come true.

So how about you? Read any good books lately? Do tell!

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