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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Two for Tuesday: Back to School

1. I am so excited for school to start. I get to see my school friends again and, because of my schedule, I actually get to see all 4 of the other senior TAs on a regular basis. Can't wait to try some of my new ideas for teaching. Excited about having Dr. G again. Can't wait to start some real work on my thesis.

2. I am so not ready for school to start. I was supposed to read a bunch of stuff over the summer. I did, but not for school. I read like 40 books this summer and only 5 of them were in any way related to school. I don't want to go back! I am scared about pulling my thesis together. I am nervous about the new professor I'm taking. I really don't want to know if I'm off the poo list of another professor, but I hope I am since they are one of my thesis advisers (and I know the "they" is technically not grammatically correct, but we have no other generic pronouns, so I like using they and you can't stop me). I'm scared about all the romantic poetry we have to read. I don't want to try to figure out what I'm going to do once I graduate.
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So there you have it. Eek! What are your feelings about the start of the school year?


Laura Marcella said...

LoL. School is over for me, but I remember those conflicting feelings very clearly especially during my undergrad!

Marebabe said...

I'm also finished with school, but I remember, nearly always, excitement and eager anticipation at the start of a new semester. Even so, I'm glad that the flurry of "Back-to-School" shopping and activities (and homework!) no longer includes me. Rebecca, someday you will be a former student, too!

catherine said...

LOL! Two sides to everything ;-)

I am glad school has started back up--well teaching I should say--I like meeting new students (and some old ones who are taking other classes of mine) and it keeps me busy (which is good, minus grading...grr) and I always learn something. But I am not ready for some of the stress and of course that handful of students that I will want to kill by the time the semester is over LOL.