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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Retail Wednesday. Yup. That's Pretty Much It.


I was going to post this earlier, but then stuff happened. Not so fun stuff. So it's late. Maybe I will share the tale once I have perspective and can laugh at it.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled post:

Yeah! Retail Wednesday!

Yup. That's my introduction :) Aren't you shocked I didn't talk your ear off first? (I wrote this before stuff happened by the way)

Most Annoying Award:

I came up to the information desk and a customer was searching on the computer. I asked if she needed any help and noticed that she had alphabet and math flashcards up on the screen.

Woman: Yes, I'm looking for flashcards.
I feel like these would be good to warn people of my mood. I could post them on my desk :)

Me: (proud because I had just recently organized the learning flashcards) Sure they're right over here. (Start leading the customer towards the education center) What kind of flashcard do you need?
They actually sell these. To companies. Really.

Woman: For the NCLEX exam.

Me: Oh. Those would be in health. Sorry. (we've only gone about two steps. Turn around to direct her to the nursing review section)

Woman: I know. We've already looked over there. I bought some and now my friend is looking for them.

Me: Well, that section is the only place where we keep stuff like that, so if it's not on the shelf we must be sold out of it.

Woman: I bought them here.

Me: We might not have gotten more in yet. Or they sold out again, but we don't keep those anywhere else in the store.

Woman: How about in the back room?

Me: We're getting ready for inventory, so everything's been cleared out. I actually was one of the ones that worked on it so I know there's nothing back there.

Woman: So you're not even going to check for me? (disbelief and anger)

Me: I'm sorry, there's nothing back there for me to check. We could order it.

Woman: No. Forget it. (glares at me and stalks away)

It's at times like these that I almost want to walk in to the back room, chat with the inventory team for a couple of minutes and then walk back out shaking my head in regret. Maybe then she'd believe me.

I Can Has Cheezburger

Phone Freak Award:

Seriously! What is it with these people on the phone! I have one almost every single week!

J answers the phone.

Woman: I was wondering if you carried journals.

J: Yes, we carry quite a few.

Woman: What kinds do you have?

J: We have a whole section. There are a lot of different kinds.


Woman: Can you list them for me?

J: What are you looking for? Could you be more specific?

Woman: I just want to know which kinds you have before I come down there.

J: We have leather and cloth and poly and hard cover and spiral bound. We have large ones and small ones and medium ones. We have lined ones and plain paper ones.

Woman: Well, I don't know if you have the one I want. Are there other stores you could check with?

J: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????!
From Evil Cowtown's Blog

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Sarah Ahiers (Falen) said...

seriously - one needs to browse through journals. That's the only way to buy one

Laura Marcella said...

Ahahaha, the journal lady! If you didn't have the one she wanted, then why didn't she just tell you what she was looking for? LOL! Some people just don't know their own minds, I guess. Which is actually kind of scary!

Dangerous With a Pen said...

Giggle... I love how people assume that there are secret trolls "in the back" hiding all the good stuff from unsuspecting customers. :) Cause... the store doesn't WANT to sell stuff. Duh.

Dangerous With a Pen said...
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Dangerous With a Pen said...

Sorry. I was Michael Finnegan for a second there - my comment posted twice. ;)