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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Quick Thumb Update

First I wanted to thank you guys for all the prayers and well wishes.

I had thumb surgery on Friday. It turned out that a tendon had gotten caught between the bone which was why it wouldn't un-dislocate... relocate? stay in place.

The orthopedic had to go in through both the front and back of the thumb to take care of it. It's pinned and all bound up now. I have a follow up visit in 2 weeks, but the pin has to stay in for three.
So much bandage for such a little thumb
Needless to say I am getting really good at one handed typing.

It's sore, but doesn't hurt too badly. A lot of things are much more challenging but it could be worse and just think how amazing it will be when I have the use of my thumb again!
That little yellow thing at the end is the pin.
They told me to be careful not to bump it...
yeah, the plastic thing sticking out of the end of my thumb is going to be easy to avoid
(sarcastafont engage)
Again, thank you all for your support :) I've felt quite loved. Here's to a speedy recovery!


Charity Bradford said...

Awe! I hope it heals quickly for you. And by the way, love the sarcastafont!

Getting to make up words is the best part of being a writer isn't it. *giggles*

Elena Solodow said...

Damn, that's awful! Hope you feel better soon : )

Tracy said...

Oh my gosh, Rebecca...ouch! I am so sorry you had to have surgery and I am praying for quick healing AND that the pin does NOT get bumped; ugh!!!
take good care of yoruself...

NiaRaie said...

I hope you get well soon. Having an opposable thumb is the best thing about being Human :)

Tempo said...

Oh I bet thats sore... When I have an injury I always seem to bump it...how are you going with that? LOL ...and I still want to know how you typed the blog? Pencil in mouth.. or be no fun at all and say you used your other hand..

Marebabe said...

You said it! "Here's to a speedy recovery!" Amen, sister!

Tracy said...

Hey Rebecca...how is the thumb doing now? I know it has been awhile so checking up on you!