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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lost Season 3 Soundtrack

Lost season 4 contained a special about the music of Lost. Both my sister and I were amazed by the music and the process that Michael Giacchino goes through to create the unique soundtrack that helps to make Lost, Lost.

I was inspired to go find the soundtrack and was pleased to discover that there is a soundtrack for each of the first three seasons. Unfortunately, only the third one was available for me to order at the time. I haven't had a chance to go find the other two elsewhere, but I will in time.

The music is great to listen to. If you like Lost, you will enjoy this cd. It's creepy and moving and touching and ominous and everything that Lost is. Besides which, it has some of the most hilarious and worst pun song titles ever. I've always enjoyed the music on Lost and this cd is just a lot of fun.

I am really hoping that they do decide to take the Lost concert on tour and I will do everything I can to get tickets to it if they do :)

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Jenea said...

I think that-everyone falls asleep differently. One falls asleep
when read "interesting" book, the other when watching TV. But many,
like me go to bed listening to their favorite music. I fall asleep under
the quiet and not always calm music from LOST. When I listen it,
I totally tranquillize and dream.
It seems to me that if I opened my eyes, I would have found itself in Jungle.