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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Hunger Games

I've decided that the best book I read last year was Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. It was gripping, well-written, fascinating and powerful. It is the first time that I can ever remember wanting to flip back to page one the instant I finished it. The only thing that kept me from doing that was the fact that I wanted my sister to read it so we could talk about it.

I recently reread it, expecting to be disappointed. Surely it couldn't live up to my initial reaction. I was sure that I had simply been wowed by my first reading since it was so different. I was wrong. If anything I was even more impressed. I loved it just as much the second time and had the same urge to flip back to the beginning.

There is only one thing wrong with the book - the sequel hasn't been released yet. I want to know what happens next so badly.

I have been recommending this book to everyone and I will continue to recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my werd yes! I love the Hunger Games, and I cannot wait until she comes out with the sequel. The only thing more unfair with having to wait for the sequel is that you'll be able to read it first :P Love ya!